Much ado about nothing


Seungwan's front-door neighbour is the most beautiful woman she's ever seen, and one day she'll definitely work up the courage to ask her out. In the meantime, though, she'd be happy to get through a conversation without embarrassing herself.


I'm back with another wenrene story, this one a bit longer than what I've published so far. Updates will come every saturday and I hope you enjoy it!


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fake_anrah 1 points #1
Chapter 3: Omg!!! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! Please update soon dear author~ <3
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Chapter 3: With adding Yerim into Irene's clique, Seungwan you should strong, mentally strong :D
I loved Joy :]
Kysdani 1 points #3
Chapter 3: skdksjdkdd I absolutely loved this, thanks for another great chapter <3 can’t wait to find out what’s up with Sooyoung
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Chapter 3: God Seungwan really needs tobe wacked in the head for this, Seulgi better do something about it!

Yeri: The cookie's monster has finally arrived!! *sounds of flames and demons chanting in the background* Wendy better make it up to her or her quest to get over her awkwardness and finally get the princess will be made ten times harder (considering how bad at it she already is, with Yeri taking every opportunity to embarrass her in front of Joohyun she gonna need every bit of luck she has left)

At this rate I can see Seulgi and Sooyoung meeting sooner than expected. I can see the poor bear nearly have a heart the first tine she sees a stranger casually sitting on her best friend's sofa like it was an everyday thing (Sooyoung probably wouldn't help either lol). At least with their joined forces they might suceed on getting Seungwan's head out of her and finally have a good, proper convo with her crush.
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Chapter 3: Why is this story so hilarious, oml
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Chapter 3: lol when i read that cookie equilibrium i totally imagine it like how much cookies are needed in the two house for it to be balanced haha anyway yerim! we finally see her! i guess that's good to (not so) bad first impression for wendy she really needs to make up for it and wendy you fool you really rejected that house invite :( wenjoy really's getting more good with their relationship also now that wan mentioned seul to joy i want joygi to meet too and bombard wendy with their encouraging talks. love this thank you for thisss
garensuhanazono 21 streak 1 points #7
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Chapter 3: I love wenjoy's friendship, hope they get closer. Cookie equilibrium had me laughing so early in the morning xD And Seungwan's so negative, she lacks self-confidence; all she needs is to see that all her effort is working, albeit slowly ^^

Thanks for this update, author-nim :)
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Chapter 3: Ok XD this girls are really weird just reading the "cookie equilibrium" and "take your cookies for a walk" says it all!!!!! It was nice to see Seungwan being so nice with Sooyoung, but I also like to see how she gets all anoyed at the younger girls, she definitivily is a cute person but not a fricking exagerated sunshine like most of the fics, I like that.

Thanks for updating!
Yukilovesfics 1 points #10
Chapter 3: Now u have to give me wenjoy now before wenrene. Make jealous pls. Jk. Thanks for update!!!