When The Angel of Love Fell in Love


Do Kyungsoo, the new Angel of Love, was sent to the earth to prepare a fateful meeting for two humans who destined to be together. But, what if the new Angel of Love fell in love with one of the humans?


I initially planned to publish this story to celebrate KaiSoo day, but I don't think there's something to celebrate anymore this year. I'm broken, I'm disappointed, I'm sad. At first I just wanted to delete this story's draft, but I wrote this story with all my heart and all my love. I love myself, so I don't want to disgrace myself by deleting this story. I've worked hard and I've spent so much time for this story, so I decide to publish this story. I'm not sure if KaiSoo shippers still want to read any fictional story about them, but I just want to publish this story for my own satisfaction. This probably will be my last story about them. I'm broken and I'm dying. I need more time to heal my wound. Please understand. I love KaiSoo, but I'm so sick right now.

I'll update daily and the last part of this story will be published on KaiSoo Day (is it still okay to call January 13 as KaiSoo Day?)

I hope you enjoy this story!

Finally it's completed! I had hard times when I worked on this story. The file of this story corrupted and I had to rewrite half of this story, and it was getting worse when my laptop's keyboard broken.
Thanks for your support and happy KaiSoo day for those of you who are still celebrating it! Bye!


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Chapter 9: uwoooohhhhhh you made them kissed!! thank you author-sama... now I can die in happiness chu~~
Chapter 10: It's so beautiful ♡♡
Thanks for writing and also thanks for sharing it with us♡♡
Chapter 10: awhhhh this is so good:’))
Chapter 10: KaiSoo always ended up together. Thank you!
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Chapter 10: yattaa!!! it's finished in a sweet way!!! Happy Kaisoo Day!!! I love it so much. I know they ended up together but, I really want to see them sweet loving moments more. I mean, when they finally meet and get time for themselves and madly in love and share the first kiss. I think it would be a lovely addition to this story... aahh~~ still it's a lovely Kaisoo story. thank you for your hard work!
Nicole121314 388 streak 1 points #6
Chapter 10: Oh so sweet... in time for KaiSoo day... thanks dear and happy KaSoo day.
Chat1105 1 points #7
Chapter 10: Cute and beautiful story!
Nicole121314 388 streak 1 points #8
Chapter 9: This is so cute ..
tanisha246 1 points #9
Chapter 8: OMG this story is so cute and heartbreaking the tone ur talking I can actually hear from Kadi conversation
I needed this Tq so much plz complete this story soon
lufyaa 1 points #10
Chapter 8: Please!!!!!let kaisoo be together!!!!!,(╥_╥)(╥_╥)