Ten Seconds

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In which getting roped into taking care of the company workshop with Chanyeol made you realize that maybe your crush wasn't merely just a crush. 


Pairing: Chanyeol x reader

Genre: fluff, humor (i'm trying really)


It was within a span of ten seconds that you realized you were crushing on Park Chanyeol. 

It was also within a span of ten seconds that you spent in an elevator with him on your side, trying to calm you down. 

Take deep breaths for me, okay? Take deep breaths and count to ten with me.”  

It also took you ten seconds after he walked you to your door, for you to realize that maybe it wasn’t just a simple crush anymore. 


(a.k.a an office!au where Chanyeol is a bit too clueless for his own good, Junmyeon is your boss who likes to meddle in your life, and your friends just want you to get laid)

i'm gonna start posting this story on the weekend~
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