The Reason (Jenlisa)

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Forgetting your inner demons will always be difficult. It clouds your judgement, destroys your very existence. However, being with HER, all her monsters disappears and instantly erases any dark thoughts, but, for how long? Will it truly be enough to survive this cruel world?


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Warning: This story isn't your typical love story. This is about mental illness, something that should be talked about and not be sugar coated. If anyone is dealing with depression please talk to someone or me! Mental illness is very important. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Remember that! This story may be triggering for others.

I am prepared to know that this may be an uncomfortable subject for most and this story may not get a lot of viewers but I wanted to show the importance of what mental illness can do to a person and how we can overcome the difficulties of it. So please, if you're dealing with depression talk to somebody! Speak up! You're not alone!

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Posting chapter 6 today and chapter 7 tomorrow because I’m in a good mood :)
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