You, Me, and These Kids Inbetween


Premise: Seungcheol and Jeonghan have to babysit an infant together. Their true nature as parents are revealed.
Bonus: Royalty AU

This prompt is from Kogami's OTP Fluff Generator


“I’m far too young to be a father figure,” Seungcheol mumbled to himself, distressed.

“Excuse me?” The voice that sounded behind him was calm, but Seungcheol knew the storm that was starting to brew within the other male before he even turned around.


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Chapter 1: Rereading because i miss fluff jc so much
Chapter 1: It's too cute :). Good job!!!
CheollieFans #3
Chapter 1: They’re so cute. The story was great
AngAng13 #4
Chapter 1: they're so cuteee :3
such a parent uwu