Behind Closed Doors

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hidden beneath the glamour, ettiquetes taught by her mum, the beautiful face everyone praised taeyeon for is a dangerous secret she has been struggling to hide eversince she met her classmate, tiffany hwang.


"if we are not what we thought we are... then what are we?"

"i don't know too, taeng. , i'm so afraid..."


Behind Closed Doors
tiffany hwang \ kim taeyeon


hi, yes! i'm back with another fic!!!! :)

i suppose this fic would challenge me in a lot of ways ;A; this is my first ever fic that isn't genderswitched! i have sooo many plans for this story for it to come to life... and i also wanted this to be true to life as much as possible ;;--;;

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HUH why did this blew up!? thank you so much~
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