Please Stay


Nobody understood their relationship, not even them.  She was a fool for caring about him.  He was a fool for not realizing it.  


Ok Taecyeon and Park Gyuri had an interesting relationship, but in general it was just something with benefits.  Both meshed with each other, even though nobody around them understood why.  They weren't exactly a couple, but they weren't exactly friends.  Still they knew a part of them needed each other.



Hi Everyone!  This is my first fanfic, and I wanted to write something different.  I know this is a pretty random coupling, but enjoy it.  If you want to see the norm pairings, I wouldn't suggest this story unless you're an open person.  Also sorry for the poor grammar, I don't have an editor at the moment.   Please read and if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments please review below or pm me.  Thanks smiley

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CK8ALen #1
Such a nice story. I've been reading this 4 times over and over already, still hoping Taecyeon and Gyuri will be together in this story ^^
Hope you can update this soon.
leichanla #2
Chapter 39: Have you been well? Just want to say I reread this story again today and I love it. Thank you!
Chapter 39: please update author ~ shi.. Ive been waiting for the other chapter ~
Plsss update
simba1 #5
Chapter 39: Hi :) this is my very first comment after i made my account few days ago. i "accidentaly" slip into your story, and got hookedup as soon as i read the first 3 chapters. Just for your knw, im amazed by your imagination to create such a nice fanfic. im your new fan!
please do keep writing, and i'll b wait for your new update!
ps : i also read you "to care" fanfic. and im inlove!
brinaabean #6
I love this fic more than I love some of my favorite dramas. ;__; It's fantastic! Keep up the work authornim! I am definitely looking forward to more.
CielduSoir #7
Sigh... if Taecyeon and Gyuri got back together, both of them would have to have a divorce. Things just got so messy. I definitely ship Gyuri with Taecyeon still. I am really anti Hyukri so I hope she doesn't end up with him.
Chapter 39: damn.... yoong can be ....
plzzzz update.....
more gyul and taec love....
cute taemin....
Chapter 39: Bad Yoona! I thought she was having other guy's baby but then not at all which means she fools everyone and got away with it urghh! I couldn't wait for taecyeon to know both secrets.
oriwjfksdjghksgj you updated this story. With such a great chapter too. <3 Waiting was totes worth it!

I loved this chapter!!! You balance fluff and drama so well. I want my own sweet and adorable Taemin. ;~;

I knew it! Yoona lied! /flips tables/

I did see the special! LOVED IT TOO! They paired her with my AM bias Changmin and I know Gyuri is good friends with him. There are shots/vids of AM and Kara having breakfast together. So it was fun watching them as a pair for me.

But I also wanted Taec and Gyuri to be paired. They were so close... damm pds... but I know Gyul and Taec are good friends with Eunjung. And with both being in the 88-line I'm sure they are friends irl too.. at least I wish for this.

Ah well, back to commenting on the chapter. I loved it, you are still da best and now I'm off to read your other updated story~~~ see you in the comments section over there! lol