Idiot in love | verkwan [daily update]

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❝ I learn that deep hatred can change into something else.❞--
     ❝ thanks to you, I learn to trust and love again  ❞

Can someone who don't trust anybody learn to trust? Moreover to trust a person who had punched him on his face? Who bothered him non stop? A monkey like guy who don't understand human language? 

The story regulate around Hansol and Seungkwan who both came from different backgrounds. While one is devilishly handsome and tall. One is undeniably cute and not so tall. While one is rich and arrogant. One come from a normal family and is too hyper. 




"I like you"


 "I said I like you!"

       "I know if not why would you be my friend,right? I like you too,my friend!"


In the end, will they end up fighting or loving?

Heavily inspired by Tinncan from Love by chance.


What's up bunch of small binches! 

So, last time I totally...messed up :') I went through a writer's block...and I had to put my previous story on hold. I just feel like I need to post this one...and I will hopefully get inspiration for that! Anyway!


You can move on to the next page for more...description of how I'm going to update this story or whatever it is gonna be in the next page :)


Oh yeah, p/s can call me hunny ;)

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