Yoona has something to tell Seohyun but her world shattered with the 'good news' Seohyun brought


"That's nice, Hyunnie!" Yoona cheered

"Thanks, so what are you going to tell me again?" Seohyun said

"Oh, nothing, don't mind" Yoona said

"Yoona-unnie, tell me what is it?" Seohyun asked

"Really, Hyunnie, it's nothing" Yoona insisted


Hey, just in case you haven't read it yet, there's an additional scene to chapter 3. It's in the last part. Check it out and thank you for reading!


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Chapter 4: Gyoon shipper here❤ please update soon!
Chapter 4: Yoona love Juhyun.. but Juhyun still with Yonghwa because she doesn't know Yoona feeling.. Ji-yong, Jessica, and seunggi love Yoona.. Yuri love Jessica.. how frustating >,<
wandi88 #3
Chapter 4: Hmmm Im so curious who's that J-??? And Jessica actually love yoona <3 hope yoona give attention to Jiyong too :(
Chapter 4: It's Juhyun right, right?Yeah I'm right Jessica has feelings for Yoong...Now what will happen if Yuri finds out that Jess loves Yoong
Chapter 4: Is it Jiyong or Jessica????
And yahhhh..I'm true..Jessica loves Yoong meanwhile the one that Yuri loves is Jessica ...!!!
Thanks for Update...!!!
HottestVIPSone #6
Chapter 4: Love you J-? Jiyong or Jessica? Hahaha! It’s quite interesting to see the different relationships in this story
HottestVIPSone #7
Chapter 3: Jiyong is pretty cute in this story! Haha! I hope he can warm Yoong’s heart. Maybe two broken-hearted people can really help mend each other’s heart (‘:
Chapter 3: Jessica loves Yoong???'s so complicated!!!
Gyoon moment always makes me smile...They are so cute...:)
And thanks for update..!!!
Nobodyme #9
Chapter 3: This is so cuteeeee :)). But why was Jessica crying? Does she like gdragon too or does she like yoona? Or what? Thx for the update
Chapter 3: Oh what's with jessica