Stay By My Side

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There are millions of reasons why I really adore you. You shine the darkest side in my heart. You're the only one that I want to hug. You are the only person who responsible for this longing. You're the most special person for me.

The sign is clear: I love you. But, how do I can get closer to you? You're too far away, too difficult for me to reach you with my fingers. And then I realize one thing. That you and me are destined not to be together.


Thank God for making me able to write despite crazy things that happened to me. And yes! Hello! I'm back. As I promised on Twitter that if Twice get DAESANG on MAMA 2018, I'm gonna post a new #SaTzu story. So. . . here it is. Hope you guys like it!!! Happy reading and don't forget to be happy!!




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