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The next morning Dara wake up around seven o'clock. She quickly take a bath and eat her breakfast to make sure that she's on time and ready this time if Jiyong called her.


At exactly eight o'clock she was already standing in front of his room. She nervously knock at the door before she step inside and she gasped and rushed to him when she saw blood on his shirt.


"Young master." She shook him softly but he only groaned in reply. She rushed at the intercom and made a call.


"Sir Harold young master need a Doctor. He's bleeding and burning." She said then rushed back to Jiyong.


"Young master." She shook him again but he only grunted. She went inside the bathroom and find a towel, and as soon as she got it she soak it with warm water then run back to Jiyong side, and wiped his face. 


"Dara!" He murmured. A smile form on her and she softly caressed his face. 


"I'm here." She whispered and continue to wiped his face. 


"Dara!" He murmured again, and his face contorted as if he was in pain. She stood up to call Harold again but Jiyong held her wrist, and slowly his eyes open, and stare at her. She gasped heart pounding inside her chest in fears. She yanked her hand harder away from his hold and she stumbled backward before she fell on the floor hard wincing in pain. She grit her teeth and ready to fired him with some nasty words, but stop when she heard him chuckled. She looked up and there he is looking at her smiling.


"Stupid Jiyong. Is he pretending that he was sleeping earlier?" She thought glaring at him. But he just grinned more.


"Dara,  what are you doing on the floor?" He asked. She frowned then stood up.


"What's wrong with him?" She thought. "Oh my god. She know that I am Sandara Park? How? When?" She asked herself.


"I know it. You're alive, and you grow up so pretty." He weakly said. She blushed biting her lower lips. I've been searching for you." He smiled and raised his hand toward her. Unconsciously she moved near him, but before she held his hand it feel on the bed, and he quickly sat up look disoriented with his eyes roaming around his roamed then feel back on his bed wincing in pain. And a tears fell down on his face.


"Dara, where are you?" He sobbed weakly.


"What the hell?" Dara thought. "Is he just dreaming earlier or?" She gasped and rushed to his side and touch his forehead. His burning more and he was trembling.


"Dara!" He weakly murmured.


"What happened?" Harold burst inside followed by Doctor Lee.


"I think he's in delirious state because he's burning. He keep calling Dara. He even called me Dara." She explained.


"Let me check on him." Doctor Lee said, and check his temperature. "He's burning. He's temperature is 40°C. Harold help me take off his shirt. I think his wound was infected." She said.


"What can I do to help?" Dara asked in panic. 


"Dara!" Jiyong murmured again.


"Just stay. I tell you when I need your help." Doctor Lee said. Dara nodded her head and just stood not far away from Jiyong bed watching.


" Let me just cut his shirt Harold." Doctor Lee suggested when she saw him having a hard time removing Jiyong shirt. She quickly took a scissor inside her box and cut Jiyong shirt and removed it from his body. Dara winced when his face contorted when Doctor Lee removed the bandage from his wound, and its look bad. It was swelling and red.


Jiyong groaned in pain when Doctor Lee clean his wound and jerk away from her. 


"Sandy can you hold his other shoulder?" Doctor Lee asked when Jiyong start to moved  more, flailing his hand from Harold hold.  She quickly sat at the edge of his bed and hold his right hand and place her other hand on his shoulder. Jiyong groaned and rolled on his side and unconsciously laid his head on Dara's lap. She tried to stand up but Doctor Lee stop here.


"Can you let him be? He just seeking comfort. I also need to tend the wound on his back where the bullet comes out." Dara bite her lips looking at Jiyong laying on his lap. He stop moving and Harold let go of him. But Dara gasped when he wrapped his arm around her waist and buried his face on her tummy.


"Umm!! Doctor Lee can you...


"Just wait a few minutes Sandy. I almost done." Doctor Lee cut her off. She lower her head blushing while biting her lips. He groaned again in pain when Doctor Lee apply an antiseptic on his whound and his arm arou

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