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"What happened?" Mr. Kwon asked. Assoon as the car stop in the garage he quickly open the door and help his bleeding son out of the car. "Are you alright?" He asked worries wash all over his face.


"I'm fine Dad. I was hit on my shoulder but the bullet goes out." Jiyong weakly answered. He felt weak because of blood lost.


"Can you walk.?" He asked again. "The infirmary is already ready, and Doctor Lee is already there waiting.


"I think I can." Jiyong answered. Mr. Kwon slowly lead him to there infirmary followed by his cousins who has some small cuts and  graze  also. Aa soon as they step inside Doctor Lee asked Jiyong to lay down on the operating table and quickly cut his shirt, and threat his wound, after that she bandage it and give him some pills to make him sleep.


"He will be fine when he wake up tomorrow." Doctor Lee said.


"Thank you Doctor Lee. I really need a new servant as in right now, because no servant want to assist Jiyong especially of his tempered. All the servant don't want to be near him.


"Maybe I can help Mr. Kwon. A friend of mine call me earlier asking if I know someone who wanted a servant, because she know this someone who really need a job. This girl is studying and wanted money for her tuition."


"Is that girl safe? You know our situation right?" Mr. Kwon asked.


"Yes, I can guarantee you Mr. Kwon. This girl is just a struggling student."


"You think he can handle my son? You saw how his temper is. How bad the words that came out from his mouth when he was mad."


"I think shecan."


"Okay, if you think she can. She's hired. How old is she?"


"Eighteen, and she's in her first year in collage."


"Okay. I want here tomorrow morning." Mr. Kwon said."


"Don't worry sir. She'll be here  before son wake up."




"Dara you're hired." Bom enthusiastically said as soon as she hang up her phone. The police leave just few minutes ago, and said that it was a clan fight again. Authorities got used with the shoot out happening between the three clan and as soon as they found out that it was a cause by them no case was file, because the clan involved will just pay the damage and it was settled instantly. The innocent people that was caught in the middle also was paid, to settled everything.


"What? That soon? I'm not even prepared. Why they hired a servant that fast without even checking the background. They are so careless."  She commented.


"Your love is wounded." Bom told her.


"What the.. how could they let it happened. I told them to do everything to protect them." She angrily said.


"Calm down. There's  a lots of enemy Dara." Bom explained.


"How is he?" She worriedly asked.


"He got a gun  shot on his shoulder but luckily the bullet goes out. He's fine now. This is the reason why Mr. Kwon hired a servant too soon for his son."


"You mean I'll be assisting him?" Dara gasped. Bom nodded her head smirking. "You mean I will be his personal servant?" Bom nodded her head once again in response now grinning.


"Bom!! She screeched. "I can be a servant, but his personal servant? Bom!!! She said almost in tears.


"You can do it my little butterfly." Bom grinned.


"Why so sudden. How can I explain this to my brother? You don't even give me time to think for alibi." She complained.


"Just told th

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