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"The kwon are here again, but they are five now. One of them is wearing a masked." The guard at the entrance said on his earpiece.


'Where are they?"


"They're at the 2nd row near the bar."


"Any Lee or Kim?" 


"There are four Lee's. They arrived few minutes ago. Hyorin with is them.


"Okay. Tell the other to watch them, and alert me as soon as they leave.


"Ok butterfly." The guard answered. She stood near the tainted glass wall of her step sister office overlooking  the whole place. She scanned her eyes around and stop at the table where the Kwon. Her eyes lingered at the masked guys, and a smile form on her lips.


"Ji, is that you? Its been ten years. How are you? You said you'll find me but I heard nothing from you since that day." She thought feeling the necklace on her neck.


"Butterfly. I think it was him. The one wearing a masked?" Bom said walking toward her.


"I think so to Bom. Did you talk to him? Did you see his face? Did you hear his voice?"


"He don't talk, and his face was fully covered, he also don't want any girls.  He so quiet and his head always hang down. You can't even see his eyes because it was cover by his cap. You want to go near them? You know to offer some welcoming drinks to a new comers." Bom said smiling.


"Do we have that?" She asked confused. Bom chuckled.


"Of course we don't. Its just some alibi so that you can go to them. If you want too, but if you don't its okay." Bom smirked.


"I think I just stay here. Its been a long time, and we don't know its other anyway. I don't think he still remember the eight years old me. I'm sure he believe that I was dead already like everyone else."


"Why don't you find it yourself? He's still your husband anyway." Bom teased. Dara rolled her eyes.


"I'm sure those marriage contract wasn't registered because they thought I die. So those paper is null and void. Its just an arranged marriage no love at all. I'm sure he has a girlfriend right now."


"Why you sounded like you wanted to cry thinking that he has a girlfriend? Don't deny it Dara, you had a crush on him back then even though you don't see his face, and you grow to love that masked boy every single day featuring his face in your dream until now. I still hear you calling his name in you slumber."


"I was just traumatized because of what happened, and I have no one that time but him."


"If you really sure that you don't fantasized that hottie over there, go and prove yourself. Say hi to them. We are not even sure if it was really him. We are just guessing here.


"Okay fine." She said in defeat and hurriedly fix herself. And make sure her mask cover her face. She flattened her maroon tube top dress that reach below her , and wear his maroon five inches heels. 


"Your brother's will be furious if they found out you're here again, and wearing that dress." 


"Tsk! As if they can stop me. Can you take off the necklace for a while, he might recognized it,  if  it was really him."


"Eager are we?" Bom teased but she ignored her and turn her back at her. Bom take off the necklace from her neck and place it on her palm.


"No feeling but why keep this necklace? And calm down. Your hand is sweating. Why scared? You did nothing wrong to him. Aha, you're not scared, you're nervous at the same time excited. I am right?"


"Shut up. How do I look?" Bom rolled her eyes.


"Beautiful. Now go. CL is going to perform in a few minutes. I just go check on her. Good luck and calm down." Bom said before she left.


Dara took a deep breath calming her loud beating heart, and slowly followed Bom  out side. She slowly  made her way downstairs stopping at the bar.


"Butterfly." The bartender greeted her.


"I just mix some drink for our new guest." She said and make the drink, then put it on a tray. She made her way where the kwon are, felt nervous. 


The light dimmed and CL start to performed. With thundering heart Dara approach the table but she abruptly stop when she heard his voice.


"I want that girl."  He said and he pressed the buzzer. She hurriedly went to their table.


"Hello sir!" She greeted. "I will replace Bom as your waitress for tonight because she was busy." The four girls gasped when they saw her but don't utter a words. 



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