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The car stop at the beautiful building. Its big and there's a lot of cars around, as will as people. My adopted father stepped out from the car first after he park the car, then his eyes roamed around for any danger, after a few second he open the door at my father side. He stepped out eyes roamed around also, while my mother fix the masked on my face and fix the cap over my head that was hiding my long hair. She closed my jacket and pulled me in a tight hug.


"Your future father in law will love you as will as your future husband. They will love and care for you. I'm sure of that." My mother whispered. 


"I hope so mom." I whispered back felt nervous.


"Don't doubt about it. Your father know the head of the clan since they are Young. They are friend but it was keep to other clan." My mother murmured. I felt a little bet calm after the revelation and I smile.


"Let's go." My father said. Then held my right hand and help me out of the car. "My Princess is arm right?" He whispered as soon as I stood beside him. I nodded my head feeling the dagger, and the gun on my waist.


"Okay come on. Jinyoung go ahead. Hyunjoo, Yuri bring our daughter with you I'll follow." My father said. We nodded and then move to the entrance of the building. My adopted father was five meters ahead of us and my father was a two meter behind us. I held both my mother hand as we followed papa Jinyoung.


We rode in the elevator and my father pressed the fifth floor. After a few second the elevator open at the fifth floor and papa Jinyoung step out first then both my mother followed after few second then daddy. 


Papa Jinyoung knock at the door. First three times, then two times, then four times. I know why, its a code. The door open after few second and we all stepped inside.


A man with my dad age quickly stood up and shake my father hand, and hug my mother. A teenage guy I guess he is fourteen or fifteen was standing beside him. He was also wearing a masked like me, and a cap. He's tall, maybe more or less five feet and 8 inches while me only stand four feet and seven inches right now.


"Teddy, Hyunjoo, I'm so happy that you make it here." The man said. I guess he is the Clan leader of Kwon. My father and mother smile in response.


"Have a seat. This is my lawyer and the marriage contract was already made and only need their sign. This is my son. Kwon Jiyong. He is only twelve years old." He introduce. The guy stood up and bowed to my parents.


"Its a pleasure to meet you Uncle, Auntie." He  said." Wow! he has a nice voice, and he only twelve, but he was tall already. I want to see his face but no part of it can be seen because it was covered and his eyes was covered by his cap.


"The same her son. This is our daughter Sandara Park. She's only eight years old. I'm sure your father already told you why we are here."


"Yes! Uncle." He answered.


"Okay! We need to do this fast. Attorney where's the paper that the children need to sign?" Mr. Kwon asked. The lawyer quickly laid the paper on top of the table and our both parents sign it first before me and Jiyong. After we finished signing it the lawyer took it back and keep inside his bag and leave.


"Okay now that everything is settled Dara will stay with us after a month." Mr. Kwon said. My parents nodded, and my mother pulled me a bet closer to her side. Since I step inside the room I haven't said a single word and I can feel Jiyong was looking at me under his cap, but I keep my head down.


"I want to celebrate because of this union, but it very dangerous." Mr. Kwon continue.


"I think we need to go in our separate ways now. We don't know the people around. Let's just  see each other after a month. And maybe in the future we can celebrate because of this union." My father said.


"I'm hoping too." Mr. Kwon said standing up. He has two men with him that was stan

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