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"Butterfly is closed for a week." I looked behind me and there at the foot of the stairs Bom stood with the other girls.


"Close? How did you know?" I asked as they walked toward us.


"I saw it at the door of the club when I passed by. I think the authorities closed it because of what happened there few days ago." Bom answered.


"Its all the Kim and Lee fault if they didn't show up that night I already find Dara."


"What are you talking about Jiyong?"


"Dad, one of the girl working there is wearing a bracelet that was a replica of my necklace. I'm sure the people working there know where she is. Even the name of the club. Why I just thought about it. Butterfly, black panther wearing a butterfly masked, my necklace has a butterfly on it. Dara she's connected to them." I said. I look at Bom. And my eyes widen when I remember something.




"Yes?" She answered. She look anxious and she can't look at me the same with the other girl.


"You....but I was cut off by the ringing of her phone. She quickly fish it from her pocket and hurriedly answered it, and moved a little far away from us. She talk in hush tone that I can't hear what she was saying. As soon as she hang up her phone she went back near us.


"Mr. Kwon, can I asked you a favor?" She asked my father.


"What is it?" 


"Can Sandy brothers can come and visit her. They are worried, and badly wanted to see her."


"Her brothers, that's mean they are also your brother." I said.


"They are not her blood brother. They just treat Sandy as their sister and Sandy is not my real sister too. She was just adopted by my parents, but we treat each other a real sister."


"Can we trust them? You know who we are. What if they have any connection with the Kim and Lee?"


"Don't worry sir. They don't have. They are just a simple civilian. Donghae is a Teacher and Jaejoong is a  manager in one of the mall here in Seoul. They knew about the four clan but they don't have any connection with them."


"I trust you Bom, so I will trust your friends too." My father said. "Okay they can come, but I don't want you and your friends to leave until they leave."


"Okay sir. I just informed them that you allowed them." Bom said and quickly made a call and after a minute she was done. 


"They will be here, after thirty minutes."


"Want something to eat, coffee?" Youngbae asked. Its already five in the morning but all of us couldn't sleep at all."


"Coffee will do." Bom answered. I noticed that she's the only one talking while the other just stay quiet. Maybe she's there spoke person. Who's you're trying to convince Jiyong yourself, because you know that they are like that  not because they don't want to talk, but because they are hiding something big, and don't want a slipped of a tongue." I shook my head because  of what my mind was thinking but I'm sure all of it are right.


Youngbae stood up followed by Daesung. "We just make a coffee." Youngbae said and left together with D."


"I just prepare my thing. I need to go back to the mansion as soon as possible to take care of everything. I leave you here girls, just informed me if Sandy's brother arrived. Seunghyun, you and Seungri will go with me. My father said.


"Okay sir. Thank you." Bom said. My father nodded his head and went upstairs followed by Seunghyun and Seungri. 


"Stop.staring at me." I snapped when I caught them looking at me again. "You're giving me a creep."  They all jerked from there seat startled and cleared there throat.


"Bom why all of you keep stealing glances at me when you thought that I am not looking? Don't answer me because this is the first time you saw me, I'm sure there's another reason."


Just Sandy talk about you a lot." She said with a grinned on her lips.


"Talk about me? About what? How she can talk a lot about me when we only meet for three days? I'm sure she told you about how I screamed at her on her first day, and how I throw a pillow at her. I am right?"

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