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I felt someone hold my hand, and a soft caressed came on my face.  "You need to wake up very soon Dara. We need you. Finally I saw the face of your husband and god girl he's so handsome, and hot. So you better wake up now or I'll steal him away from you."


"I chuckled inside despite the heavy feeling my body felt, and only Bom can do it. My body felt  so heavy and tired. I remember why I'm feeling like this. I was shot, and I smile remembering Jiyong face when he saw the blood on my chest. He look so scared, and I saw his eyes brimmed with tears before I lost consciousness.


"Dara! How you ended up shot? You are fast faster than us, but how you got hit? Dead you took the bullet that was meant for him or your eyes was focused at him only that you failed  to see the bullet coming." I mentally shook my head, even how serious the topic is Bom never failed to make a joke on it.


"I guess you are looking at him. I'm sure you're mesmerized of how he look like. I am right?"


"Bom! Can't you see that Dara is unconscious? Please can you stop talking nonsense?" Hyorin, I'm sure Minzy and Chaerin are here too. I tried to open my eyes but I can't. I tried to move a finger but also can't. I give up and just listen at them because that's the only senses of mine is working.


"Snake and Phoenix are the one leading the attacked at Kwon." I heard Chaerin said. "I saw them, but they don't joined the fight. They just stay at their car watching."


"Because they are coward, as soon as they saw that their men are losing they run." Minzy commented.


"Dara you need to get well soon. Your husband is so hot to be left behind."


"Bom!!! The three echoed. I chuckled inside.


"We really couldn't have a serious conversation when you are around." Chaerin scolded her.


"I'm just stating the fact. We need to leave now. We still have unfinished business. Let's break some bones. Dara seems fine right now. And I'm sure she'll be fine very soon because she has a very hot husband waiting." A.series of groaned was heard and the next thing I felt are a warm lips on my forehead and cheek.


"We are leaving now, but will be back soon. Get well very soon Dara. Our clan need you." I heard chaerin said. I felt a lips on my forehead again before I heard there footstep left the room.




"You failed again snake, you and Phoenix." My father screamed. I hate it when I failed him, all this time, all I wanted is to please my father, to earn the love that I yearn from him, but for my 27 years of existence I never felt any of it. He wasn't contented with what I can do.


The day that we destroy the Park he never even complemented me. I was only seventeen back then, while Phoenix is eighteen. We both plan that attack when we got a news from our spy from the Kwon that they have a meeting.  We destroyed the Park but we failed with the Kwon. 

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