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I can't believe with what my eyes was seeing. The girl that I just met three days ago, a girl that look like she can't kill a fly, a girl who run in fear when she hit me a pillow, a girl who shrunk in fear when I screamed at her, is still the same girl.


She look panicked a few minutes ago when the alarm sounded but as soon aa the gun shot was heard her facial expression instantly change. Her face now void with any hint of emotion either she scared or nervous. It was blank. When my cousins burst inside my room and demand me to leave because we are under attack, she don't even flinch. Instead when I declined to leave she grabbed my hand and dragged me out of my room to help me find my father. And she surprised me more when she fulled a dagger from her bag, and kill the enemy without any remorse or regret and any fears. She killed someone like she was just killing some insects. Her moved was precised and sure that the enemy end dead instantly. she move like a pro, the way she held the dagger in her hands, I'm sure she was skilled with it. 


After we killed the five men, she dragged me again toward the living room. And surprises me again when she snatch the gun from my hand and shoot the men that burst at the door. And she hit all of them on the head. Even when she rolled on the floor, she's an expert, a skilled one in fighting.


After we convince my father to leave with us. We run to the secret tunnel that will lead us to the garage that was hidden few meters away from the mansion. This time I'm the one holding her hand with our finger entwined with each other. I don't know, but the feeling of her hand in mine reminded me of Dara ten years ago. We are in this situation running, with me holding her hand dragging her with me. I look at her but her eyes was ahead of us, her hair was bouncing behind her. I sighed and was glad that she wasn't Dara because I don't want Dara to be in this situation again.


We all quickly climbed at the van as soon as Youngbae unlocked it and we drove off. My father was sitting beside Youngbae at the front seat. Me, Seunghyun and Dara behind them. I'm sitting in between them, while Seungri and Daesung behind us.


We are more or less fifteen minutes at the road when a bullet showered to us. We all docked then look behind us.


"We are being followed." Seungri said and I saw a SUV, and two motorcycle behind us.


"Shoot them." My father said and pulled his gun and fired back but it was hard to hit them because the car was moving crisscross the same with us. Seungri and Daesung also fired back but failed. I cursed when another bath of bullet was showered to us and some part of the windshield was broken. A motorcycle advance to us and Seunghyun raised his gun when the man aimed his gun to us but we are surprised when a dagger pierce in between his eyes. Our wide eyes turn to Dara but she just ignored us.


"Give me a gun. They're advancing to us." She said and Seungri give his gun to her with out hesitation. And another gasped left our lips when she slide the door open and lay down with her head dangling outside then shoot. I look at the car and I saw that it moved to the side of the road before it hit on the post. She hit the driver. I'm sure of it seeing the bullet hole at the driver side.


I grabbed her hand to help her sit up, all our attention was at her that we failed to see the motorcycle at the opposite lane and the gun went off. My eyes widen, and as if my breath left me when I saw blood gush out of her chest. Seunghyun quickly shoot the guy before he can run away.


Dara slowly look down where my eyes was staring and she clutch on my arms.


"Jiyong!!! The last words left her lips before her eyes closed. 


"Sandy!!! I called out and pulled her on my lap and cradled her. "Open your eyes, open your eyes." I said in panicked, but she went limp in my arms.


"No!! Sandy!!! I don't know why but my heart was pounding inside my chest in fears, and without my knowing my tears rolled down my face.


"Dad, help her. Help her." I cried. 


"Wait I call Doctor." My father quickly dial Doctor Lee number while I hug the unconscious Sandy in my arms. I can feel her heart beating weakly and it scared me.


"Youngbae drive fast. Let's go to the safe house Doctor Lee is there. I already informed her to be prepared for our arrival." My father said.




We arrived at the safe house in record time. I quickly went out of the car with Dara in my arm and rushed inside.


"Sandy!! No!! No!!! Doctor Lee said in panicked as soon as she recognized the person in my arms

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