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I am Sandara Park, the only child, descendant of the Park Clan. They said the weakest clan among the four. I don't mind though, as long as my parents love me, and our clan members are safe.


My father is Teddy Park, and my mother is Hyunjoo Park. No one knows in our clan that I am their daughter except my adopted parents, and only daughter Bom. Its not that my parents don't trust are members its just sometimes other clan sent spy inside to know the descendant and killed them so that the clan will lost a descendant and can't continue anymore. And one more reason, I am the only female descendant.


Since the day I was conceived my mother went out of the country to hide me. And as soon as I was born I was given to the most  trusted member of our clan to pretend as my parents. 


I was raised inside our home with my parents but everyone knows that I am the daughter of the Park helper.


The day I start walking, I also start to play a knife and gun. It was only wooden for a while but when I reach at the age of four it become a real one. I started to trained to used different arms and different self defense when I was five. I never asked my adopted parents why, my young mind thought that I was just playing before.


When I was seven I started to asked question why I am holding a gun and a knife. That time Mr. & Mrs. Park called me inside their room, and that's when I found out who really I am and why I am holding a gun at a young age.


At first I cry, I cry for an hour, but eventually stop crying and hug my both pa

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