The Beginning of The End

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The love is bound to build a friendship but has become more than just love that it should be.


Warning: Do not read!

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A_Weird_Pancake #1
Chapter 6: Damn I'm shook
Sarah_uwu #2
Chapter 6: when will the angst end im hurt and im suffering :'( anyway thanks for the update authornim! can't wait for the next update !
DianaNguyen #3
Chapter 6: Whoa my heart :(
alexacell #4
Chapter 6: Kwonchaeng happened :O:O:O

Its interesting authornim, woaahhh cant close my mouth now
#still shocking
SwirlYAu #5
Chapter 5: Thanks for including the idea!!! This chapter was good
56 streak #6
Chapter 4: I'm hurting authornim
GUEST13 #7
Chapter 4: Author please update soon
14 streak #8
Chapter 4: This chapter... I'm curious now... I like the fact that there are Hkt members interaction between wm trainees.
SwirlYAu #9
Chapter 4: Ohhh I like the idea of making Sakura jealous so she would fight for chaeyeon
sinrinjensooyulsic08 445 streak #10
Chapter 4: Ouuuuuccchhh(╥﹏╥) chaeyeon(╥_╥)