Sons of Destruction

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There were nine

Of imminent power and

Disaster in their hands,

To rule them all.

Sent with a mind to

Conquer and destroy.

On this Earth,

Who could stop them

But themselves, the

Sons of destruction.


Poems and aliens, what of it


No, there's no "Tree of Life"

It's just aliens destroying worlds,

going about their extra-terrestrial business.


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Chapter 4: Are they related in any kind of way like- heosgwnxg73u3gkwy
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Chapter 4: I'm so glad I found this story! I think it's a really interesting concept, a lot of the alien stories about EXO that I read are mainly about the boys adjusting to life on Earth and spending time with the OC. But I love how in this story, the boys are separated from each other and that the OC has only met Kyungsoo so far. There's a lot of questions swimming around in my head about the whole saving their planet and how the OC and her poems ties in with everything. Thank you for the update, I'll look forward to your next update! :)
Isoldae #3
Chapter 3: I'm loving the storyline idea already!
Chapter 3: Ohhhh he found smthg weird smh lmao
An update!
Angelabelle #6
Oooo I love reverse harems
Chapter 1: Layout is annoying. To separated and out of order.
Chapter 1: Ooooo anticipating for this!!