Heimwee ( /ˈɦɛi̯mʋeː/ ) Pt.2

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Part 2 of my earlier fanfic Heimwee



















Hi I'm back.

So this story will tell more about our main leads. I think there will be more drama and the story will get really dramatic, complicated, and dark.

This is all fiction, Yeri and Jungkook is a total fluff in real world, they're the cutest idol out there. 

them in my story is just something i created.


Thank you for being patient and waiting this sequel to finally released :)




"It's pretty, right?"


Yeri is walking hands by hands with a teenage girl, long hair, pretty face, and sweet voice. She showed her a small apartment and told her to open a door.

"It's your room."

She's not saying anything but entering it carefully. The bed covered by a black sheet, and the wall was decorated by few posters of random cartoon character she doesn't know. The room is gloomy and  not really her style, it's also small compared to what she had in her parents's house.

"I know, it's probably not really comfortable, but we have no other choice. Just hang in there."

Yeri is not saying anything but nod her head to this mysterious girl. She used her tiny hands to pat her head, and she can sense a warm feeling being spread to her heart.

It's comforting.


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Ganiga 0 points #1
Chapter 11: I hate it when things regarding Lea make Yeri feels insecure but I also think Yeri is dumb for not telling JK about her & Jihoon. Yeri & Jihoon, JK & Lea, what is more going to come after this omg. This is tiring when they finally more honest with their heart for each other but the problems is getting more complex. Where's the end for all of this oh lord.
baekyeon9635 0 points #2
Chapter 11: Okay...I don't really know how to feel but seeing jungkook really sad about lea like this makes me worried and hurt..please please please please let jungkook and yeri end together i don't care about lea i just want my babies to be together
0 points #3
Chapter 11: my babies ㅠㅠ
0 points #4
Chapter 11: Be back already
0 points #5
Chapter 11: I dont care about lea.. Both of them deserve to be happy!. Jebal.. Please.. I cannot handle these anymore :')
0 points #6
Chapter 11: Please stop! I want both of them together. I dont care about Lea. Please, I just need their moment.
ayychan 0 points #7
Chapter 11: Not only you Yeri... I’m insecure too about Lea :((
0 points #8
Chapter 10: This Lee guy is trouble. I hope Yeri is not easily swayed by him. Yeri's career is in danger because bribing is serious crime that can easily destroyed her future and possibly get arrested. Hope Jungkook knows what he's doing. But kinda need at least one fluff chapter before another storm coming please. Thank you for the update ^^
0 points #9
Chapter 10: (T-T) you really good in making people crying
0 points #10
Chapter 10: More angst coming!!