After Moon

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AFTER the MOON rises, she scribbles in through the pages of her little diary…


More than 2 years of a no label relationship. She likes him, even more than anyone knows. She knows he likes her too. She knows they share the same feelings. But she feels like things are starting to be different…


What does she do when she feels like they are starting to be distant?



AFTER the MOON rises, she scribbles in through the pages of her little diary…





AN: This is a work of fiction, based solely from the author's delusional mind. Please do leave a comment and tell me what you think.

So, I have given in to your requests. Another Tzukook fic here! I’ve been wanting to write something for Tzukook ever since their interactions last month at the MGAs. Also, I noticed Only You is starting to be a Tzukook oneshot compilation book sp I went on with a new book instead.

This will only be a short story with shorter chapters. This will also be the first time I’m doing this so I hope you’ll still like it.



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mateus_levi 0 points #1
Chapter 11: god i ship tzukook so much it hurts. this was a really cute story! congrats!
mateus_levi #2
Chapter 8: title drop!! excited to see where this is going. slightly worried. but i trust ya! good job!
Chouwice #3
Chapter 6: Can you update soon?? I'm excited for the next chapter.. omgggg
Chouwice #4
Chapter 3: I really like your story ??? I'm new here oh not new I have old acc but I'm back here and this is the first story that I read. I'm TaeTzuKook shipper. I hope you continue writing stories about them ??