Craft of the Pack

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When Anna is forced to move in with an old friend and his six housemates, the two had no idea their lives would change so drastically.
How are you suppose to deal with the fact that someone you've known almost all your life turns out to be your mate? Someone you've
always seen as family, that you've been close with since childhood?
& Hoseok's constant jealousy and Anna's snarky attitude proves to be disastrous every time they're within a mile of each other.
All she wants is the person she grew up with and all he wants is for her to stop luring him in with her damn mint scent and coconut shampoo.
If that isn't enough, Anna finds out a secret her mother has been harboring
about the Moon family proves that she may not be as human
as they all thought either.


Theme Song: "Stay Young" - Mike Perry (featuring Tessa)


Friendship. Love. Magic. Pack.


"You think this is hard for you? You pretty much rejected me earlier. My ing chest feels like you split it open and my head is spinning. I feel like I'm going to throw up again." Hoseok swung his legs off the couch as her mother stepped back in the room.

"I'm finished with the potion," Lisa announced. She held up a vial of bright blue liquid. "It's to coax your stomach, as well as help with the pain. I had to add your hair, so the magic should recognize that you're a werewolf. It'll help take to you better than if it didn't know."

He grimaced at the sight of it. "I'm so not drinking that."

"Yes, you are. You think I'm going to let you remain in pain? My daughter is foolish sometimes and hot-headed all of the time. She didn't mean to hurt you, but -"

"You were listening," Yoongi asked. "How did you overhear?"

She grinned. "I have my ways." She snapped her fingers then closed her eyes. When she opened her eyes, she looked to Hoseok, only to find him staring at Anna. "Is it the mate bond that makes your heart race when you look at her?"

Hoseok's eyes darted towards her. "What are you talking about?"

"After practicing, I'm able to enhance my hearing. It's how I was able to overhear everything that you were saying. I figured that you were the one that's wolf chose my Anna as a mate." She put the vial in his hand. "Drink up."

The mistake that he made was smelling it first. The moment that he took the cork off, he knew that it wasn't going to taste great. But when he put it up to his nose, he gagged.

"I didn't say it would taste good."

"Auntie, this smells vile."

"I suggest you stop calling me that, considering the situation you're in. It'll gain weird looks from strangers and I even feel a little strange now."

"You aren't the only one," Anna grumbled.

Hoseok pinched his nose, threw back the potion, and grimaced as he swallowed it. He wiped his mouth as their words stung deeply. "You know, you aren't the only one feeling strange about the entirety of this, Anna. You aren't the one that has to feel this way about you. Don't pretend like you really understand this, because you don't. You never will."

"Oh, I understand completely. Your wolf wants me and you refuse to tell it to find someone else. It isn't that hard -"

Out of anger, he threw the vile against the wall.

Lisa jumped and Anna flinched in shock. "Jung," the former barked, "Hoseok!"

"You think you know, do you? You know what it's like to imagine ripping a man to shreds for groping you? To imagine bludgeoning someone to death for looking at you too long? Someone that I've known since I was a child? Someone I use to see as family? Someone that will never possibly see me that way? You know? Explain it to me then!" When she said nothing, he held his hands out. "You can't, can you? Because you just don't know. No matter how much you think you know about me, there's things you just won't ever understand, no matter how hard you try."

She doesn't need him to remind her of that. It hurts her enough to know that in the end, she doesn't know Hoseok as well as she thought. It hurts to know that he just isn't her Hoseok anymore.

She wishes, God, she wishes that he could just calm down enough for her to think.

"You shouldn't have taken the rejection back," he continued. "You meant it, so you should've let it play out."

"I didn't want you to hurt anymore! You were in pain!"

"What do you care?"

"I care! Okay? I care!"

"Not the way that we want you to. The fact is that you'll never care the way that we want you to. Next time just let me suffer. It's better than suffering for too long, wondering why you're keeping me around, just to reject me."

Because Namjoon said that Hoseok will die if she rejects him, Anna isn't so sure that will be the case. She isn't sure that she can accept Hoseok as a mate, such a huge commitment, but one thing that she knows with every fiber in her being is that she does not want him to die.

Perhaps that's the only solution. Hoseok vowing not to take claim to another means that they're stuck with each other. If he isn't going to reject her and she isn't going to reject him to avoid killing him, then what else can she do? There is no other solution.

"Namjoon says you'll die." She swallowed back the burning sensation, a warning that tears are on their way. "I can't kill you."

"I'd rather die than have a mate that accepts me out of pity."

Her eyes widened. "You don't mean that."

"I absolutely mean it."

"Then you reject me."

An expression full of love, hurt, and also pain stared her back in the face. "I'll never reject you."

"And I can't let you die. So, what do we do here?"

Jin offered, "You don't have to accept him yet. It's gone on this long without an acceptance. Right? Why don't you two just take it slow? Obviously, Anna, you still have a lot to learn about Hoseok, including his wolf. Hoseok, you have a lot to talk to Anna about, including the mate bond and how you feel about her. Why not take time to get to know each other as a man and woman? You've known each other as family for so long..."

The pair looked back at each other. It sounds like a good enough plan to Hoseok. On the other hand, Anna doesn't seem convinced. She doubts she would ever be able to see Jung Hoseok as anything but family, that she could see him as a man. But then there have been instances where he's managed to make her blush and feel shy in ways that he shouldn't have been able to.

Finally, she agreed. She isn't accepting him, but she isn't rejecting him either. She promised not to make a decision until she is completely sure that it is the right one. If she has any second thoughts, then she wouldn't give Hoseok an answer yet.

"You can't wait forever, though," Namjoon reasoned. "We eventually need to hear our mate's acceptance. If you wait too long, Hoseok will fall ill."

"Don't pressure her," Lisa said. She put an arm around her daughter's shoulder. "You know...I always thought that you and Hoseok would end up together. You guys were a little too close for comfort as children. Had me worried for a long time, but then after the divorce...I started to wonder a little."

Anna blushed. She only said, "We should probably get going. Hoseok should rest in his own bed."

"We're fine," Hoseok's voice was deeper. When he said "we" instead of "I," she knew to expect those golden eyes when she looked back at him. "Tired but fine."

Suddenly shy to speak to the one that chose her as their mate, Anna shifted in her spot. "You both should still rest."

"She's right. We'll take our leave now, Miss Moon," Namjoon announced. "Come on, guys."

The pack made their way outside. Lisa hugged her daughter farewell for the time being. Since his wolf is out, Hoseok thought it best not to hug her when she reached for a hug from him. He, instead, promised they would visit again. Lisa nodded with a smile, promising to hold him to that promise.

As they made their way outside, Hoseok made to climb into the driver's seat. Anna placed her hand on his shoulder. She was met with golden eyes still. She shivered under his wolf's gaze.


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