Roommates グッドモーニング・コール

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Today was the day. Today was the day that Kim Minju was moving into her apartment and living alone for the first time. Being away from her family , to enjoy university, woke up without the shoutings of her mother. It will be the best years of her life. 


or that's what she thought. 



Unexpected things will happen , will it be blessing to have a popular roommate? or not?





"Maintenance?" the stranger repeated with furrowed eyebrows. "Are you the cleaning lady?"



"Cleaning lady?" she repeated this time, her eyebrows doing the same. "Who are you? What are you doing here?"



"I live here, cleaning lady," the stranger answered, leaning against the door frame with her arms crossed.


"H-Huh?!" she exclaimed. "I think you have the wrong apartment. This is where I live."
The stranger dug into her jeans pocket and held up the key with numbers engraved into it, "My key says room 26."



"So does mine," she held up her key that looked exactly like the stranger's. 


A romantic comedy starring Ahn Yujin and Kim Minju ^^




Comments are highly appreciated. Be a criticism or whatever comes to your mind ^^


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Chapter 2: Haha, this chapter was so cute. I like this development and it's not slow at all. Sometimes the small/sweet interactions between characters are all it matters.
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Chapter 2: Lol sometimes I wish to see yujin's turn on feeling sad or rather guilty with her evil plans or something xD hahahha coz look at our poor minjoo! Being hungry and tired just because of a brat xD lol

So cute!! Thank you for this!
Dumbster #3
Chapter 2: I like I'll wait for the next one!!
Heyy cant wait for the next update!!!! It's the first episode but I'm soooo attached to it already, i haven't watch that movie yet but hope it's good as much as you've written :P ((but bet the original cant top this jinjoo fic goodbye))
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Chapter 1: Urgh!!! Cant wait for next chapter
Delicious_Cake #6
Chapter 1: And i also playing mobile legends lol , did u playing it too? wanna play together someday ? Hehehe
Delicious_Cake 1 points #7
Chapter 1: This is great author-nim , can't wait for next update soon ><
Chapter 1: UGHH NEXT Chapter plz! This is great!
nalizstan #9
Chapter 1: This reminds me of Good Morning Call I love it!
Chapter 1: It reminds me of good morning call. Looking forward for the next update. :))