Unexpected Relationships

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Kim Taeyeon. Everyone loved her. She was a star, the popular student everyone looked up to. She was always first in every classes, her IQ was the highest in the country and her family was wealthy. 

The only bad thing about her was her personality. She was emotionless and sometimes comes out as cold or rude, although she acted kind. Taeyeon couldn't have many she could call friends. 

But due to an unexpected turns of events, Taeyeon met the shy and nervous transfer student, Tiffany Hwang. What would this mean for the both of them? What will happen to them and their relationship?


"Omg!! Kim Taeyeon has arrived!!" Fangirls and fanboys screams across the school as a group of students entered the school gates. 

One stood out from the rest, and that was Kim Taeyeon, looking gorgeous and perfect as she is. She strolled inside the school out of her expensive car.

"Taeyeon is so beautiful!! She's been blessed!"

"Have you heard? Her IQ is so high, she's being recruited from many different companies!" 

"I heard her family links backs to royalty!" 

"What is this goddess appearing before us?!" 

More and more compliments everywhere from every direction out there. 

"Wow, Taeyeon still as popular as ever!" Taeyeon heard her friend, Sunny, whistle beside her.

"Of course she is, it's Taeyeon!" Yoona spoke cheerfully. 

"But she's such a midget." Sooyoung insulted softly but the others still heard. 

"Yah! She's 100x smarter than you, idiot!" Yuri smacked Sooyoung on the arm and both fought with each other.

"Both of you calm down. Don't cause trouble for Taeyeon." Seohyun nervously calmed then both down but the two of then continued fighting. 

"Yah!! Seohyun is talking to you guys!" Hyoyeon shouted at them and grabbed their shoulders. 

Taeyeon ignored them and continued walking to her class. She was honestly kind of tired from hearing all these compliments and gossips each day. Hearing her friends and bicker was normal day to them.

She didn't expect a different day from any other. Excel every class, work on outside business, talk with her friends a little and then go home to work in her family business, only to repeat the same schedule for the next day. 

But in the corner of her eyes, she caught the sight of something. Rather someone. It would've been normal, this someone would've been the same if she was staring or admiring Taeyeon on the side, but no.

This someone, this girl, was ignoring her. Completely. She wasn't even looking at Taeyeon's direction and nervously surveying the school. Taeyeon was never treated like this nor felt like this before. A strange and uncomfortable feeling bottled inside of her. 

Seeing as the girl was in trouble, Taeyeon walked towards her. The girl noticed her presence and turned to Taeyeon. 

Something else stirred within her chest as the girl gave her attention. Taeyeon noticed the big round glasses on her nose and the eye-grazing bangs that was slightly swept to the side, hiding her eyes from view. She couldn't see anymore features as the girl hid behind her hands, covered by the oversized school jumper that was provided. 

Taeyeon looked down at the girl only because the girl was timidly trying to hide herself from all the stares. She was probably actually taller than Taeyeon. 

"You seem lost. Do you need any help?" Taeyeon asked after observing the girl's action. The girl jolted as she heard a bunch of screams.

"Look! Taeyeon is helping someone!"

"She's so kind!" 

The girl looked up at Taeyeon and hesitated before nodding. Trying hard not to fidget where she was. "I-I'm looking for class 2-2 a."

Taeyeon noted the girl was in the highest class and she then pointed to a direction. "Go through this hallway and then go upstairs, turn right and your class should be on the left." 

The girl took a few seconds remember her word. She then smiled brightly at Taeyeon, eyes turning into moon crescents. "Thank you!" 

Taeyeon froze at her spot as the girl hurried away to her class, hiding from all the stares and whispers. Her heart was beating loudly and she covered , not knowing what she was feeling. 

Was she sick?

Her head feel slightly heavy.

"Ohh, Taeyeon charming her way with another girl." Yuri teased and looked at the retreating back of the unknown girl. "She's quite plain though. Didn't expect Taeyeon to like those type." 

"Yeah, what's up with those clothes?" Sunny asked to no one in particular. "And I couldn't even see her face properly because of her glasses." 

"Maybe she doesn't want to stand out." Seohyun guessed. 

"She was like a frightened mouse when Taeyeon was looking at her." Yoona laughed. "So cute!" 

"Cute? I think Yoona's the weird one." Hyoyeon stared at Yoona strangely. Yoona blew a kiss at her. 

"Come on, we haven't even met the girl yet! She's might be different than what we expect." Sooyoung told them loudly before she looked over at Taeyeon. "She already caught Taeyeon's eye." 

Everyone then looked at Taeyeon and Taeyeon looked away. Her face felt hot and her mind was fuzzy. She was nervous.

"Taeyeon...?" Everyone was just as confused as her as they saw her face.

What was happening to her body? 

What did the girl do to her?

Taeyeon shook her head and continued to her class. Placing a hand to her heart, it won't stop beating. Fast and rapid, Taeyeon gulped. 

Was she getting a heart attack?

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