My World, My Love

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Life is difficult when your agency has your group under a dating ban.  Because let's be realistic:  It doesn't mean you're not going to date.  You're just going to have to be smarter about it.  And if you're not straight, you have to be even smarter than that.

As if all that wasn't hard enough, what do you do when you've found the girl of your gay dreams but you can't tell whether or not she's gay?  How do you handle it if she's a member of your group and you have to do skinships with her every day?  Can you figure out a solution before you explode?

This is the situation Weki Meki's Sei finds herself in when she falls for Lucy, the group's maknae.

I'm going to be trying to update this fic plus "I Don't Like Your Girlfriend," and "Second Winter at Fire Lodge" simultaneously - I've never successfully updated 3 ongoing fics at once before, but I feel like I've got a handle on it this time.


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dubulover000 #1
Chapter 11: ahw no, rina and lime get delayed
so i guess elly has agegap relation too?
poor suyeon tho, finding out in public media is worst
Chapter 11: Rina and lime....makes sense

Dam to be Suyeon though
dubulover000 #3
Chapter 10: rina and lime? didnt see that coming!
i wonder how lime feel about sei with lucy. i look forwrad to what happen with lime!
Chapter 10: Ok interested to see how Lime reacts to that... also talk about an age gap lol
Chapter 10: Lucy pointing at the question we all want to know....seriously Elly has been good in this fic. Suyeon has a problem in her relationship in this story too but she seems to be more a side character so it’s fine plus she has been mature.

Still be funny if Elly was dating Chungha cuz DoDaeng would flip out
dubulover000 #6
Chapter 9: so both alice and sei thought of lucy wehn alice say go to her
looks like sei and lucy get togther now alredy?
story could continue if one of them cheats
dubulover000 #7
Chapter 8: yaeeeh here comes drama! seem like lucy and lime had some disagrement?
wehn alice say go to her, who does she mean? and who does sei go after?
so many questions!
ahaaha i was expect lisa to be with lua actualy
Chapter 9: Chapter 9: awweeeeee

ps it's up to you, I'll def read more if you write more but idk if you think this is where you want to end it then it's your call
Chapter 9: Wow that was rather peaceful, but nice. Alice sounds like mom though based on this chapter.
Chapter 8: Jennie?!?! Count me jungshook
Ok I’m thinking about this and Jennie x Lua isn’t even that much of an age gap when you have Sei x Lime in the story.
So sad to see Doyeon’s master plan didn’t quite work out.
And lol ofc I want in on the drama, someone gimme that tea