A love-story that not all people might want it. I never thought hating him will turn into missing him. I wish to have a normal romantic love drama however, I involved with the most wonderful romance story that beyond human imagination. When people think that there are no more possibilities for us to be together, trust me, if you wait a little longer, although you still can't see anything, I know...
There will be us in future.

 What happened to their impossible realationship? Is it reality or just another fantasy drama? 



Hello readers! I am ShepperdPie coming all the way from the Earth. This will be my first time write a story where it is involve the point of view (POV) of the character. I hope my first try will improve and encourage me to write more interesting stories.

Give a big applause to my new third story 'MR DISORDER' that will bring you to a love story that will warm your winter.







Starring By

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                            PARK CHANYEOL                                   GONG HANSEOL                                   CHAE HYUNGWON


This story was created 6 years ago and posted it because of support from my friends. They said it was a great plot and amazing story so yeah, I make it true. Some people asked me where did you get inspiration to make this story? Well, to be honest I had been watching this drama and I fell in love with the side characters of the drama. So, why not I make side characters become the hero and heroine of a story? They deserve something like this for their acting. Anyways, I hope I am the first one to make this kind of story and if there any other stories that similar to mine, I am very sorry. Turthfully, I did not copy anyone and it is originally made by me. 




This story will start on 10th December 2018. 

If you wait a little more, your patience will be worth it. 


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Chapter 23: I had read your author's notes and I would like to share one of my experience. I had been experienced of a huge accusation. I was working in a big company and one day, one of the worker's things was lost and I was supposed to receive those thing but there was nothing arrived to me. However, I had been accused for stealing it. It was terrible and I almost got fired. The whole day I was thinking about it and then I felt confidence once I listened to 'Whalien 52' by BTS because they mentioned about a lonely whale which it voice can't be heard by others but it keep singing until it can be heard. So, the next day I met that person and bravely said to deal this with police since no one back up me. Like a miracle, the next morning, the thing arrived just like that on my table and handed to the worker. As conclusion, I quit from the company because no one in there believe me or support me but someone like BTS who are no one to me encouraged me. And yeah that's all. Lesson learn is don't be afraid over something that is not your mistake. Be brave because you never walk alone, trust me! Btw, thanks author-nim for make me share this experience. I haven't told this to anyone but I have courage after read your notes. Keep update your story and fighting!!
bobohupc #3
Chapter 17: this chanyeol is soo cute...can you update soon plz...i like ur writing
Chapter 10: Author-nim! All I can say is you did a very great job! I'm still curious about Chanyeol and Hanseol even though I really hope to get a boyfriend like Hyungwon kekekekeke~ Good luck and fighting, Author-nim!!!!! Btw, nice first 10 chapters :)))))