A Part of Me [Collection of Stories]

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A rewrite of my older one shots from AO3. Multiple pairings.


These were originally 48G fics but I'm Red Velvet trash now. Just a bunch of OS that aren't really connected at all. Multiple pairings.

“Hey Joohyun?” She asks, lifting her head up from my chest.

“Hm?” I run my hands through her long, dark hair, untangling the knots with my fingers. The two of us are currently cuddled together on her bed, watching the snow fall calmly through the window.

“Do you think we’ll be together forever?”

I laugh at her childlike question and playfully pinch her cheek between my fingers, “Forever is a long time, Seulgi.” I inform her in a matter of fact tone causing her to pout at me.

“But…” She trails off, turning around so she was laying on her stomach facing me, her dark eyes piercing into mine, “If it’s with Joohyun, I don’t think it would seem like that long.”

I her cheek gently, her face is warm underneath my fingertips. I lean in and press my lips against hers. “I love you, Seulgi.” I move the stray strand of hair in her face behind her ear, “But, I can’t promise you forever.”

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