REPLAY2014: OHANA ❅ a facebook roleplay. straight only. non-au. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


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replay2014: OHANA.   a facebook based roleplay
a facebook based roleplay
> About Us

Have you ever think about how roleplay was around the year 2014? Some said that it was at the peak of roleplay years, the best of the best experience! Idols, actresses and actors, ulzzangs and models, babies were all one in the roleplay! No one was excluded those days. We're calling out all oldies and newbies to join us and let's rewind the time to the year 2014 and make it happen today! Feel nostalgia and home again!

> Rules & guidelines
  1. Simply subscribe to our thread! that's a must!
  2. A reminder that this is a non-au roleplay meaning that you're what you choose as your faceclaim. please choose wisely and act as they suppose to be not only because of their face.
  3. please be active at least 3 days a week. even though it said three, it is advisable to not be mia straight 2 to 5 days a week. You'll be kick out if there's no posting on timeline, posting on new members and groups. Note, ooc gRoup doesnt count as your activity group posting.
  4. we allow hiatus for only two weeks full while semi-hiatus can be a month full. You may only take those semi-hiatus or hiatus after a good 2-3 weeks of active in the rp. please inform any admin if you wish to leave, Leaving without telling will result in the blacklist.
  5. This is a straight roleplay meaning we don't accept lgbt. sismance and bromance are acceptable but know your limit! we don't accept moving couples! dating ban will be a week. engage ban will be one month after dating and marriage another one month after dating. pregnancy are only allowed to married couples.
  6. ONE ACCOUNT PER HEAD. we allow unlimited character change and temporary character change but don't abuse it. you can tcc twice in a month with the duration of three to seven days of tcc while you can only cc once a month.
  7. we are not a rp. please keep the feed to 13+. any 18+ must be keep in pm or the group that we provide. any post that counts as rated will be warn.
  8. please do not bring your past life into our roleplay. you come with a new face and life and so let it be. Any drama that is from the past rp and bring to this rp will be taken into action. PASSWORD IS YOUR FAVOURITE FOOD. if you join here to spy on people, better dont. i don't think you want to happen to your place either. keep drama minimum and settle things with the admin or among yourself.
> How to join
  1. read the rules and understand them.
  2. visit the masterlist below for you desire character and comment with the format below

  3. wait for the admin to accept you and you have 48 hours to make your account.
  4. reminder! if you join this rp with the purpose of dating, please do not apply. we are here to create friends.
  5. once done, pm our base acc your link again wait for the admin to give you the guide on what to do next.


> masterlist
males: 14


> males
  • Aomg: jaypark
  • bts: v Suga jungkook JIMIN 
  • exo: sehun
  • monstax: wonho
  • nct: lucas
  • pentagon: yanan(07/01)
  • Svt: mingyu
  • actors:
> females
  • aoa: 
  • blackpink: jisoo jennie lisa ROSE
  • exid: hani(tcc)
  • fx: krystal
  • g-(idle): Yuqi
  • Loona: olivia
  • redvelvet: joy irene seulgi
  • twice: nayeon mina(tcc) sana
  • wekimeki: doyeon
  • Wjsn: bona
  • soloist: jessica
  • actress: 
  • ulzzang: pony
> Wishlist
  • nayeon: DEAN AND DPR LIVE PLEASE!!!!!!! twice!!! iu sunbae <3 d.o senpai! my dream partner Park CHanyeol, rv's yeri! winner!!!
  • jhope: jaekyung, jin to complete bts, complete exo, ikon's bi, all got7 member, block b p.o, winner mino
  • sehun: complete exo FOR THEM TO PAMPER ME.
  • joy: monsta x wonho & shownu, svt scoups, got7 jackson, wanna one seongwu & daniel, rv wendy, snsd taeyeon, wjsn chengxiao, twice mina, aoa seolhyun
  • krystal: Sunmi, super junior
  • doyeon: dpr live, mkit rain esp bloo and nafla, dean, indigo esp kid milli, rapper luda, nct esp jaehyun and jeno, stray kids esp changbin and hyunjin and my gfs weki meki and all of the ioi squAD OOF
> couple list
  • wonho & jisoo
  • name & name
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> Events (scroll for more)

werewolf: 10/12 - 15/12 (completed)

In the dark and quiet night, werewolf arise as 3the full moon shines the night, hunger for food. Villagers must survive and they need to kill the wolf in order to live!
Winner: villagers!
scroll for more event!

neRVE: 27/12 - 30/12 (completed)

which one will you choose? watcher or player? get ready for the dare game play like you never have experience!
Most earn: krystal
most dares: suga
daredevil: sehun
king of dare: suga

Event name: month day - month day

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