Out of the Blue


A heartwarming love story between six different individuals as fate brings them together through twists and turns. 

Bae Joohyun (29) is the co-owner of a downtown small cafe. Her joy in life is to spread warmth to her customers in the form of coffee. Though she may come off as cold and mean, she is in fact quite the opposite. She's very caring towards her employees and she cannot stand seeing anyone miserable. Her mesmerising appearance and kind heart is what attracts men towards her. 

Park Bogum (26) is an employee of a huge corporate. It is impossible to see Bogum without a smile on his face. He's respectful towards his seniors and a good role model for his juniors. Due to his loving personality it is quite hard to dislike this man. However, as he is always so positive and optimistic around people they wouldn't believe that behind that persona is actually a lonely, depressed person.

Kim Hyojung (29) is the co-owner of the cafe Joohyun owns. The two have been inseperable since birth. Unlike Joohyun, Hyojung is strict and stern on her employees but will stand up for them when they're being treated unfairly. Her cold exterior may make her seem 'unlikeable' but the people close to her know that that is how she shows her love. Also once she decides to befriend you she will remain loyal until the end.

Park Seojoon (31) is the CEO of the corporate where Bogum works. Unlike the stuck up, rude CEO image that are shown in dramas, Seojoon, on the other hand, is down to earth and friendly towards his employees. Being a young CEO has many more disadvantages than advantages and he has to live in constant stress of wanting to live up to his employees' expectations. 

Hwang Eunbi (21) is an employee of the cafe Joohyun and Hyojung owes. Her beagle like personality makes her likeable and she is very popular amongst male students who visit the cafe regularly. Coming from a poor family, she is the breadwinner of her family. She gave up on her dream of becoming an idol to provide a better education for her younger siblings and to make sure her sick parents get the rest they need. 

Jeon Jungkook (22) is also an employee of the cafe Joohyun and Hyojung owes. He's a man of few words and minds his own business. Similar to Eunbi, Jungkook is extremely popular amongst female students however weirdly enough he's unaware of this fact. He has an interest in singing and dancing, and wishes to apply at an university/academy which expertises in performing arts.  



Bae Joohyun

Park Bogum

Kim Hyojung 

Park Seojoon

Hwang Eunbi

Jeon Jungkook 

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