After loosing his family in a civil war, Moon Jongup decides to embark on a long journey in London. He knows that getting a work permit in London is not a simple proposition. His prime aim is to rebuild his life, and return to his home country.

Moon Jongup manages to get a job as a chauffeur in an affluent family. The job provides him with a handsome profit, and he believes that he shall be able to live independently.

A young girl from Oxfordshire takes a job in the same affluent family as a young home maid. While working for nearly six months, Moon Jongup finds that he has fallen for the young maid. He would rarely get to meet her, since, she works most of the time in the Royal Mansion of London.

Once, coincidently, they happen to meet each other at the back of the Royal Mansion of London, in the garden at night. While they gossip about their previous lifes - before getting a job here - Moon Jongup discovers that the young maid has a dark past, and how she is trying to overcome and rebuild her life again.

Moon Jongup is badly wanting this young girl. Also, on the other hand, he would have to fulfil his other dream - to be able to stand on his own. However, he is in dilemma, and, he is unable to reach his decision. It seems, as though, he is caught himself in a war again. A war where he is to use his intellectual ability rationally and sensibly.

What does his soul actually wants? What is more essential in his life? What can bring a positive change in his life? His mind or his heart? Is he going to make a right decision or begets more troubles in his life?


Hello everyone! I am a new writer to this writing blog. After reading few stories, I am inspired to create my own story, so, here is the prologue. Don't worry, I may not be able update at some times, but I will try.

Please, leave your comments. Constructive criticism is also welcomed. Also, let me know whether I should continue a story or not. There may be a lot of grammatical error and weak sentence construction - I apologise.

Please, don't plagiarise my story, and claim it as your own.

Thank You.

Happy Reading.

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