When The Truth Seems Wrong


Irene took a vacation from work after winning a case. She faced a lot of stress lately. Staying in her resthouse with the ocean view is one of her way to release her stress. She forgot to take care of herself recently because of loaded paper works and a bunch of murder cases she solved.


Irene is an in-demand lawyer who never lose a single case before. 


Because she wasn't lose a single case before, a lot of people were trying to reach her out, asking for her help. Their were mails on her table and emails on the internet. There were also unanswered calls on her phone. But to her, a break is a break. She wanted to have a time with herself and with her life only. No disturbance. 


But her happiness was short lived when her senior called her in the middle of the night. Irene was about to refuse it, but the case seemed really serious. Her senior rarely calls her for help. In fact, it was her first time. It was also the last day of her vacation so it left her no choice. Irene drove all the way to the famous five star condominium in the city, where the crime scene happened. 


In Room 0294, they witness a woman's dead body. There were blood all over her fully figure. The sides of her lips were sliced and the heart of her feminity was sewed with nylon. The woman was shot twenty times. They also found out that the woman was harshly.


They immediately search for the CCTVs and evidences that they can find inside and outside the room. Their sleepless nights and non stop searches were paid off when they gathered enough and valid evidences to catch the culprit. And they were beyond bless when it all pointed out to one person.


But Irene was the only exemption to the celebration when it turns out that the only suspect to the murder case was none other than her ex-girlfriend, Seulgi. 


Will she deny all the evidences, or believe the truth that seems wrong to put Seulgi in prison? 



This SeulRene murder case keeps running to my mind and I can't even sleep at night until I wrote the plot on a piece of paper. This is experimental, but if you want me to continue this story, poke me up! 


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forgottensirloin 0 points #1
Author-nim, I see that you've already updated this fict 2 times but I can't read the newest chapter. What happened?
0 points #2
Chapter 2: You're doing a great job at getting me more interested in this :')
sonetaeng #3
Chapter 2: Sparked my curiousity. Thanks for the update!
28 streak #4
Chapter 2: Oh? Irene is really stubborn. But then the murder story is really vague to guess what actually happened. So I jist gonna wait with an open mind. I have a feeling that it’s going to be heavy. Am I right?
Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Aw! Thank you so much for this author! And goodluck on your defense! Fighting!
forgottensirloin #6
28 streak #7
Chapter 1: it’s killing me! the suspense and curiosity is 100% i just want to know what happened. nice one!
its_just_me_boi #8
Ummm are you accidentally making the 1st chap as a draft?
Wow, this is really interesting! Pls continue this! <3