Oh My God! He's a Really Bad Boy

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Kang Seulgi, whose childhood name is Kang Rowoon, is a prodigy who has a natural talent in music and arts. As a child, he was always bullied for being weak and was once rescued by a girl named Bae Joohyun. Because of that, they became good friends. They eventually developed feelings for each other, but a misunderstanding occured which made her hate him. Silence was the only response Joohyun was giving Rowoon as he tried his best to talk to her. But by the time Joohyun realized everything, she never saw him again.

Rowoon, together with his mom and dad, got into a fatal car accident. He was the only survivor so Kang Seunghoon, his grandfather, took over the full responsibility to look after him. The poor child was only 9 years old at that time. Rowoon was sent to US, provided with everything by his grandfather so he could move on from all the unpleasant things that happened.

Fast forward to high school, Joohyun, now known as Irene, became the most popular girl in school. Possessing an ethereal beauty, amusing personality, and outstanding IQ, it's unbelievable that such a person could exist. Despite having all the boys falling in line to woo her, only one stood a chance. Well, that's what everyone has thought. His name is Park Bogum. But still, her world took a 360-degree turn when the only boy she ever liked unexpectedly comes into her life once again—except he goes by Kang Seulgi now, and it is not his name alone that has gone through a drastic change.


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Mavok_ 0 points #1
Chapter 7: Oooo we are in for a ride when they realise who each other are
Also press f for yeri
Chapter 7: Chapter 7: hmmm
well first of all, seul’s being an here, so
plus he’s just really rude???? and like just confusin the hell outta me when he starts playing their song and he’s so distraught over it, like damn, i get that it’s hard, and he was probably heartbroken for the longest time, but that does NOT mean that he gets to walk all over other people and do things like crashing rene and bogum s date, just because he can (although he did give it to the kids, so.... i’ll give him a pass for this one)
like js he’s being an ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ hope he wises up a little
neuneu24 1 points #3
Chapter 7: what's next??? can't wait!!!
sorry i'm a bit impatient lol
376 streak 1 points #4
Chapter 7: Somehow I feel bad for Yeri here lol
girlcrush_marie 1 points #5
Chapter 7: What a teaser!!!
Taitai84 36 streak 1 points #6
Chapter 7: Hah shutting down the ice cream shops was over the top but brilliant.n it doubled as a good deed for the kids, so it's nice.

Yeri overthinking that seulgi is interested in her is a hilarious touch, hah
ynylsc30518 81 streak 1 points #7
Chapter 7: Asdfghjkl. Give me some ice cream Seulgi! Hahahaha
Pinkeudaeji 1 points #8
Chapter 7: wow kang seulgi
22 streak 1 points #9
girlcrush_marie 1 points #10
Chapter 6: asdfghjkl!!!!!!! oh my ghaaddd I'm blushing!!! noooo this can't beeeeeee!!!!