What happens when a red-headed trouble maker sets out to wed the innocent bobbed artist, Lee Jieun?


I never thought that I would be shipping these two, And here I am. I am looking forward to making a story starring these both. Have been a
fan for both for about eight years and I fall in love with both of them deeper throughout each comeback. Let's see how this will turn out.
I am curious just as you guys are. 


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Hujanbulanjuni 0 points #1
Chapter 6: They're so damn cute!
mansi90 #2
Chapter 5: oh grandparents are coming what are they gonna do!!!
inten17eu #3
Chapter 5: omg what will happen?!!!
starlighttt396 #4
Chapter 5: omggg, whats gonna happen on that night with the grandparents and all?
thanks for the speedy update and delivering a nice chapter :)
inten17eu #5
Chapter 4: aww.. lets see what happen next. I cant wait!! ??
mansi90 #6
This is getting interesting looking forward to the next updates
IUkekeke #7
Chapter 4: really enjoy your story .
hope you keep updating this story till the end.
starlighttt396 #8
Chapter 4: bless you on the frequent updates - definitely puts someone like me to shame for semi-abandoning my story haha.
anyways, thanks soooo much for writing this story! the plot is pretty interesting hehe and i like that both of the main characters are likeable. looking forward to your next update ❤
mansi90 #9
Chapter 2: hey great story so far waiting for the upcoming chapters!!