are we the only two who hurt?


― wind flower au;  byulyi breaks up with hyejin at around 2 am.


here is a quick hwabyul based on the wind flower mv because hwabyul needs more love and the mv is beautiful so i tried.

 also ive been working on this other hwabyul for some time now and it was supposed to be a part of the rare pair ficfest but basically i wrote it and its like around 15k words but it turns out it didnt turn out how i wanted it so i started to rewrite it so idk when ill post it but hopefully before the year is over lol and this little fic kinda has to do with it in a way idk im sorry

 find me/talk to me about this fic, the wind flower mv or other fics or give me ideas/prompts/talk to me in general (if you wanna) on my twitter / cc 

also please stream wind flower !!!!!!!

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