A better man


Lee Jinki is a divorced man with a six year old child, Lee Jin. His ex-wife had won the custody of their son but what he didn’t expect was her giving him their son to live with him for a year. He had no idea where to go till he found himself in front of Kim Jonghyun’s house.



Jonghyun furrowed his eyebrows confused when he heard a knock on the door because his roommates definitely know the passcode and as well as his cousin. When there was a bell, he stood putting the guitar on the sofa. He pulled his dirty blonde hair to the back and walked to the door. If this was one of his roommates pranks or his cousin, they would be dead in no time. He opened the door and oh how he wished it was one of them. 

There he stood, the one who made his heart shattered into million pieces, the one who made his life miserable by leaving it, Lee Jinki “ Jinki” he said softly, so soft that he was not sure if he heard him.

Jinki was looking at him with a nervous yet apologetic look as his whole body was soaked because of the rain. He was carrying a child and Jonghyun was so scared to think that it was Jinki’s child.

“ Hey Jjong” Jinki said softly, looking into his eyes as a small yet sad smile crossed his face. 





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Chapter 6: Another interesting/great chapter!
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Chapter 6: Taemin really can't keeping a secret.....
ヘ( ̄▽ ̄*)ノ
Now I curious what jinki reaction after know it.... It's impossible to keep his pokerface knowing that
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Chapter 6: Ahhhh cant wait for more jongyu and minkey
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Chapter 5: I don't know this will make me crying..... Everything related to Jongyu really make me emotional.... But I really miss them.... And here, through fanfic I can see them together.... Thank you so much for making this fic... Can't wait for your next update
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Chapter 5: Oh good, I just found this and I am waiting for next chapter really curiously! ♥ The loving JongYu ♥
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Chapter 5: Ok I'm a crying mess and I don't even know why..
thanks for the chapter author :)
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Chapter 5: And yes please more minkey
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Chapter 5: OMG... poor Jinki... he needs the support... just 3 weeks with out drugs... is not much,.... jope jonghyun can really help him.
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Chapter 5: Minkeeeeeey yesss
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Chapter 4: Chapter 4: I wonder why Jjong won't lighten up.
I hope Jin & Jinki find luck soon