The Hidden Feeling

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Kyuhyun has a exquisite career in celebrity life, but a very lonly one in his private life, kyuhyun prefer to keep a distance from everyone, by setting a rule to not trust or let anyone into it, except his close two friends, for the past years no one has succeed in winning the idol heart or even a slight interest form him, and jongwoon has a long time crush on kyuhyun but don't have the courage to confess his love, will jongwoon muster his courage up to win kyuhyun heart? will he be able to break that rule? 


Hiiii!!!! this is my first time writing a story~

please be kind to me~~~~~

Thank you ~ 

sorry for the late update~~~~ my work was crazy the pass two months~ (crying emojy)
I focused on wookie~ in this chapter celebrating~ his second album~~~~~
ps; in kyuhyun room~ i toke inspiration from heechul old gaming room ~~~~ the red one hhhh
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