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Jongin is sick; Sehun is the infamous quarterback of their school football team. They meet, fall in love and then tragedy happens.



i remember Anne Frank’s quote: “Dead people receive more flowers than the living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude.”


kind of inspired by a real life event. i remember when i had started my eleventh standard, i had met a girl of different section. my best friend, at the end of the day, told me that she had cancer. believe me, even though i didn’t know that girl even for a day, i felt heartbroken from such news. every day, i would ask my bf about her (since she had been in the same class as her), about her, and she would tell me something before changing the topic because every time we used to talk about her, i used to get teary-eyed.

a week later when i asked my best friend about the girl, she told me the girl had taken TC because her condition was worsening—means she was near her death. only i was too naive to not see it coming. almost a month later when i asked my bf about her, she replied that the girl had died.

i just felt like crying, you know. because i used to see her every day, and she would, always, sit on the same bench and look out of the classroom and to the sky. the scene burns behind my eyelids any other day. although i don’t remember her face clearly now—since it has been more than two years since then—i still feel regret bubbling inside of me whenever i think that i didn’t even say a final goodbye to her. nor ever dared to talk to her in fear of hurting her fragile feelings. i wonder what she had been thinking all those moments.

i don’t know much about cancer, and i don’t really want to see how that monstrous diseases work (because it has taken lives of two people i knew), i hope i will be able to deliver a good, tragic story.


i have decided to gift this work to my readers, especially to the ones who i see most. i hope it will be heartfelt enough, and you will realize how important it is to cherish the people you love because anything can happen any moment.

i am working on it. you'll get a notification from here soon,! ^^
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