Driving Home For Christmas


It's December again, Christmas is only a few weeks away. 
And there are five friends who want to be together this Christmas... And this is their story. 
The story of a magical time that could help two of these friends to finally confess their feelings. 
The story of a couple that finally is ready to take the next step. 
And the story of their friend that is just happy that they will be together for one last time before they will part and take their own paths. 


Hey you

I wanted to write this story for a year now but wasn't sure when it would be the right time or whether I would be able to or not. 
But somehow I feel that it could be good to write this now. 
There will be a hint of melancholy in this story but it will have a happy ending, sort of. 
The focus will be on the couples but also on the friendship between the characters because it is something I would love to portrait when it comes to SHINee. 
Also, this story is the first story of my series  "Reading In The Winter Wonderland" which will contain different stories which share the fact that they all play during the winter season. 

Thank you for your interest in this story. I really hope that you will be able to enjoy reading it. 
Feel free to leave comments with your thoughts. 

~ BlackRosesTears 

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