Best Ex Ever (Suho and OC)

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Suho knows their break-up was his fault. Jae-eun gave him everything and got zero in return. Seoul’s most sought-after bachelor could not give up his wild lifestyle even for someone as wonderful as Jae-eun. He neglected her and treated her so badly that it did not really come as a surprise when she finally decided to leave him. Suho was, in fact, rather happy that Jae-eun found the will to move on. She deserves better than an insensitive, selfish, morally-corrupt, success-driven, workaholic boyfriend who cannot be tied down. Their relationship ended well. He is back to having the city and its entire female population in the palm of his hand. But when an emergency situation arises, Suho has to depend on Jae-eun’s good nature to make it through a week of hell. Desperate times will force the two exes to stay together in one roof and karma decides to slap Suho hard. They broke up because he could not be chained... but during their temporary living arrangement, the playboy begins to question whether he truly wants to be set free.


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