Between Me and You

Between Me and You
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The sun is setting, orange rays of light basking everything in a warm glow. The footpaths are busy with people going in all directions, all rushing to get home as soon as possible. Amongst the crowd of workers making their way to the subway is Sungyeol. He’s wearing a long white coat with black lines running across it, a white turtleneck underneath, and black skinny jeans tucked into black combat boots. He’s got his head down and hands placed securely in his coat pockets as he tries not to shiver in the wintry weather.


Entering the subway station, Sungyeol makes his way to his platform. He stamps his feet as he looks around and sees the information board that says his train will be arriving in five minutes. Sungyeol lets out a breath and pulls on his backpack straps, swinging around in boredom and to keep warm. He just wants to go home as quickly as possible so he can get out of this freezing weather and into the warmth of his double bed.


The train finally arrives and Sungyeol makes his way into his usual carriage. He walks in and his eyes automatically flicker to the opposite side of the carriage. His eyes land on a young man who is dressed in all black, from his military cap to his trench coat and boots. The man has his head resting on the wall, napping in his seat. A small smile makes its way onto Sungyeol’s face as he looks away and takes a seat in the middle of the carriage, a few spaces down, and opposite, from the man.


In case you were wondering, Sungyeol was not a creepy ert or anything like that. Since he had started catching the same train at the same time every day, and gotten onto the same carriage as well, he had noticed that that man was always there as well. The stranger was always dressed in all black and he was always sleeping on the train when Sungyeol got on. Another thing Sungyeol had noticed was that the man alighted at the same station as he did, but they left the station in opposite directions so Sungyeol had never been able to strike up a conversation with the other. Oh, and one more thing, the man was completely and utterly gorgeous.


So yes, maybe Sungyeol had a teeny tiny crush on that mysterious man, but it’s not like he took stalker photos or anything. Sungyeol sighed as he glanced at the sleeping stranger one more time before moving his eyes to the seats directly opposite him. An older looking man catches his eyes and gives him a creepy smile. Sungyeol ignores him and looks away immediately. He reaches into his pockets and pulls out his earphones, intending to shut the world away with his music. He is stopped, however, by a hand on his wrist.


Sungyeol looks up in confusion and is met with the creepy man who was now standing in front of him. He’s at a loss as to what to do but he does pull his arm away quickly. There’s an empty spot next to him and the man sits there, a bit too close to Sungyeol. Sungyeol swallows and inches away as much as he can in his seat.


“Hey handsome, if you’re bored, why don’t you talk with me instead of plugging your ears?” The man speaks, leaning towards Sungyeol.


Sungyeol cringes and tries not the panic. The man hasn’t done anything so he should just play it cool and hopefully, they’ll go away.


“Sorry, but um, I don’t feel like talking right now.” Sungyeol begins, trying to sound intimidating but clearly failing. “I had a tiring day.”


The man frowns while nodding in understanding. “It’s okay honey. You can just listen while I talk. Which station do you get off by the way? I can walk you home.”


Sungyeol blanches but tries not to show it. Honey?! And asking where I live?? This guy was definitely scarier than Sungyeol had originally thought. Sungyeol is silent as he looks around, trying to find a way to escape. Should I get off at the next station and wait for the next train? What if this guy follows me?


After a few seconds of panicked blinking, Sungyeol’s eyes flicker over to the handsome stranger and his eyes widen when he meets a pair of smouldering eyes. The stranger had woken up from his nap and was now sitting straight, staring at Sungyeol. Sungyeol glanced back at the creepy man who was leaning uncomfortably close to him and giving him a sleazy grin before looking back at the good-looking stranger. Sungyeol gave him a desperate, helpless look, hoping he would come over and rescue him somehow. The stranger blinks back at him but Sungyeol couldn't w

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