Last Man Standing


"And don’t you think that’s kind of unfair? To be born tied to a fate, to be responsible for the lives of many in exchange for your personal freedom?”          


The time had come for the Princess of Deiria to find a husband, but the process was not as simple as she wished it would be. Ten men from different walks of life will enter her castle in hopes of winning her hand, but only one can survive.

And if they think they can just saunter into the palace and change her life however they please, they're dead wrong.



The land of Aurora is comprised of five sister Kingdoms: the forges of Ruvena, the shores of Turelle, the valleys of Eradier, the mountains of Ishtar, and the capital Kingdom: Deiria. From each sister Kingdom will come suitors of all sorts with one goal in common: to win the Princess' hand. Magic-worker and scholar, commoner and noble - they will all begin at equal ground, and only one will rise above the rest.


This is the Seventeen fic I've been wanting to write for sO LONG but it's only recently that I'm able to get anywhere with it. The world is built, the characters are made: it's time to share my child.

Fair warning: even I don't know how this story will end at this present moment (November 9, 2018), even if I've been writing for a while. The suitors are all eligible bachelors with unique and endearing personalities, and personally I think this is the most exciting part of writing.

So if you want to discover who will win Princess Haru's hand, keep reading.

Love you lots,


I'm currently writing and while I can somehow see the end, I still can't see who's going to win @[email protected] Who are you rooting for?


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1 points #1
Chapter 9: It's a little difficult to decide who will win. We haven't seen jihoon in a while after all. It's a shame wonwoo already has a special someone, he seems to appreciate haru the most.
I'm glad that haru gets to see her friends again :)
ASDFGHJKLBAP 1 points #2
Chapter 8: This chapter is both cute and sad at the same time! But it’s good wonwoo opened up before anything. Anyways, I dont know but Im still rooting for Seungcheol! :)
ASDFGHJKLBAP 1 points #3
Chapter 5: Ahhhh, this story is very interesting! Cant wait for the next chapter.
1 points #4
Chapter 3: Ooh I can't wait to see how the first meeting will go!
And seriously, I need a friend like soonyoung.