So Into You! Baby Spy.

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In which Taeyeon is a baby American trained intelligent agent working under the south Korean resistance group named SKR or SKI who are fighting to restore the monarchy government.
She was tasked to safeguard Jessica Jung Sooyeon, the last living descendant of the Joseon dynasty, the government of south Korea are waiting to lay a hand on her, to stop her from becoming the queen, terrified that they'll lose everything if the monarchy is restored on the other hand the north Korean government are claiming the princess as theirs.
This story is how the two women met and fell in love.


The princess slides up to Taeyeon, staring with a discomfitingly unwavering intensity. “You have such lovely eyes. And that jawline. Do you grate cheese on it?”
Another agent snorts, but Jessica continues.
“Your ears are utterly adorable. Can I bite it?”
Almost imperceptibly, meant only for Taeyeon's ears, “Don’t look so upset. We can always return to Seoul on our own time, and we will have plenty of time to see everything you wanted to.”
Maybe it was just Taeyeon's imagination, but did Jessica actually sound sincere in the last sentence?
Taeyeon wasn’t a fool. She’s heard of the stories about the Red snow's succubic ways, and Taeyeon would rather be caught watching hardcore gay in front of the entire SKI than to be caught in one of the Red snow's webs of seduction.
“Your words are bordering on harassment, Jessica.”
Thanks for the love and support you all showed this tiny story.*bow*
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