A Hundred Days Love





There exist numerous Demon clans in Korea and one of them are the Wolves and the Fox clan. Upon the birth of the new Fox demon clan's heir, Yang Ae Soo, the current Gumiho died. A prophecy had been made upon Ae Soo's birth that she will either be killed or be saved by a wolf. On her twentieth birthday, she then goes on a journey and met the wolf tribe encountering a wolf named Sehun. Will Sehun be the person who's destined to meet Ae Soo and protect her for life? Or will he be the person who's destined to kill her?


Hello everyone! I'm back for another story ^^ Hope you like this one! I haven't wrote a fantasy fic in ages so I'm gonna do it again this time :)) Hope it'll turn out great! 

- Cheonsabyul <3

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