Possessive Much Mr. Wu [KrisHo Version]

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What would happen when Yifan is getting jealous and possessive of his boyfriend? What will Junmyeon do to calm down and assure his boyfriend that there's no one else beside Yifan? 


Friendly reminder:the description maybe didn't match the whole story.. Hehehehe.. 

P.s:this story was originally i wrote for SeLo couple(Sehun&Zelo).. So, anybody that ship SeLo like me, you guys can find and read this story in my collections.. 


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Totally searching for time to read this. >.<
fiqahaina #2
Chapter 2: soo sweet and possesive hahahha remind me of my other half.they really get jealous and it kind of happened to me when i help my guy friend with his jacket and then bamm jealousy involved hahahaha it really need a lot of aegyo to persuade them back. o_O<3
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Chapter 2: wow, Yifan is that boyfriend huh...
funny how Jun thought he was effectively hiding from Yifan when Yifan has had him watched when he was on the cafe...

crying at Jun when he arrived home tho... I mean who else could be waiting for him at home??? also the phone of the guy inside his house ringing when he was calling Yifan... I guess he was that scared... HAHA cutie

awwww Jun, with his fears tho... with how possessive Yifan is of him, idk how he could be worried that Yifan would possibly leave him??? the hitting part, can be a bit understandable, I mean his fear of Yifan hitting him, that's more feasible... but then again, with how much Yifan loves him, he wouldn't want Jun hurt... Yifan may ne an intense boyfriend, but he'd never hurt Jun :)

it was a cute and sweet fic! thank you for this!
Chapter 1: cute!! :)
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Chapter 2: Awwwww
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Chapter 1: Xinchen? Interesting
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Chapter 1: 88 missed calls? Goodness
Chapter 1: Cute really cute ^^
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Chapter 1: There are few krisho fics lately....... thanks for writing a new one:)