Love Scenario

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Alternative(ish) universe where an up-and-coming idol and an 

aspiring fashion editor reach the end of their whirlwind love story.


We were in love
We met and became a memory that can’t be erased
It was a commendable melodrama
A pretty good ending
That’s all I need
I loved you



It's been a while! I'm finally (I lied) getting back into the rhythm of writing again but will be sticking to one-shots/short stories as that's what I feel most comfortable doing right now. 

I started this story so so long ago but have finally been able to complete it to my satisfaction. Hope you guys like it!


Update 20200424: Let's try this again shall we ?


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RosesyidaDEF7 #1
Chapter 4: Next please🙌💚 thanks bestie
RosesyidaDEF7 #2
Chapter 4: Are they pretending never have a realtionship before??😂😭
RosesyidaDEF7 #3
Chapter 2: Were they aftrr years??
RosesyidaDEF7 #4
Chapter 2: Thanks for updating
RosesyidaDEF7 #5
Chapter 4: Waiting for the next update authornim
RosesyidaDEF7 #6
Chapter 1: Wawww nice for the beginning chapter
Yllenn #7
Chapter 4: Ok I love this..I can't wait for the next chapter
TaecYoonForevers #8
Chapter 2: I haven't forgot about it.. this is prolly the best jenbeom/jenbum centre fanfic I've read.
Elite_Sammy #9
Chapter 4: Okay this is starting to get better. Looking forward for an update.