Prologue - Strawberry Kiss

Indeed, Strawberry Is The Sweetest
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Hyukjae felt his eyelids getting heavier, everything’s a blur. The alcohol seems to be kicking in and all he wanted is to leave this bar, go home and lie comfortably on his bed.

Sure, he’s having the time of his life just a moment ago, they were dancing their hearts out, shouting while drinking all kinds of liquor. Then, the damn alcohol started affecting his system until he can barely stand up anymore, the excitement seems to die down right there… and now here he is at a stool in front of the bar counter, slumping down and trying to make sense of everything.

“Ugh~! Where’s Sungmin? He left already?” he asked himself.

It’s unnerving how noisy the place is. There’s a loud sound bumming in the stereo, people are still on the dance floor and some of them are shouting at the top of their lungs. He can’t believe that it’s Sunday night.

“It’s so hot here! I need to go outside!” Hyukjae exclaimed loudly and tried his best to stand on his feet. He walks carefully, not wanting to crash on anyone because certainly, one push and he’ll come stumbling down to the ground.

“Oh God! Finally!”

Hyukjae smiled to himself. Once outside, he felt a little lighter though the heavy feeling is still there. The noise has quieted down and the cool breeze of air is definitely what he needed right now for his body temperature seemed to be reaching its .

For a moment, he felt the cold breeze with closed eyes, relaxing himself until he decided to go home… completely unaware that his friend was still inside the bar.


Hyukjae was slowly walking the path to his home. Cursing at himself for drinking too much and not thinking about the consequences. He promised to drink a Strawberry Milk later at home to make up for the bad taste of alcohol he didn’t care drinking a while ago.

He was busy trying to focus on walking straight when something caught his eyes…

“Eh?!” The drunk guy rubbed his eyes to make sure that he wasn’t dreaming or hallucinating because he was craving for it just now but after rubbing them, he still saw it.

A life-sized strawberry is in front of a café – actually it was owned by his friend’s family. The strawberry stands out in the night and its bright pink color shines as if it was calling for Hyukjae to come and have a taste.


It was the alcohol… yes, it was! Because if Hyukjae was in his right mind, he certainly wouldn’t run his way to the life-sized fruit and jump into it like an excited little child.


The pink fruit turned to look at him and Hyukjae almost swear that he saw the most handsome face ever, before it lowered its head and sunk down inside its Strawberry shell to hide. It’s a little blurry and he knows well that Strawberries can never own an attractive f

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OMG I'm sorry if this might not reach what you expect. I mean, I like the prologue too but Chapter 1 was hard to write. As someone who isn't a natural English speaker, I do forgot a lot of English words so, sometimes I write with lack of details. I'll try harder next time.
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