Reaching Out To You

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I'm writing this, with hope, that I could reach out to you. 



An idea I had on 10 October, the official Mental Health Day. A story that I hoped would give strength to those in need. 


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Chapter 1: Reading this making me sad but at the same time I feel relieved and happy. Mamamoo really is my happiness. Living with depression could destroy you from the inside. From the part that you can't see. Everyday, every moment that we breathing is a fight. Sometimes just living is a courage
Chapter 1: Sobbing soo hard...
Mamamoo helps me when i am anxious and want to do something regretful.
Mamamoo will always be my shining light and Moomoos my family.
Thank you for this amazing piece Author-nim.
akukanGbek #3
Chapter 1: I just read this and damnn...this story can relate to a lot of people. Having an abusive partner is a no-no. Leave that mfcker and find a better someone. Im glad you included mmm and byul's letter. Moos so lucky to have them. Btw, this is so good, author. You can write something like this every year like byul does;) will wait for your next stories. Have a good day, mate.
jamiekohrw #4
Chapter 1: thank you author-nim for this beautiful writing this chapter can help spread awareness of depression and how it’s not a battle we choose to and compassion can go a long way for us. thank you so much
Chapter 1: why am I sobbing

ps. I’m not going through any rough times but that author’s note literally made me ugly cry. You’re such a sweet person keep doing what you do!
Chapter 1: Chapter 1: I really love this a whole package of emotions TT ,like i was sad a second then suddenly you mention mamamoo my happiness beam in just a mere second ,mamamoo really did a great impact to myself ,i remember when i feel sad ,angry ,crying i just listen to them then suddenly i feel okay and find myself smilling again,. depression is the worse part of my life that happen to me,suicidal though is there it never leave they linger on my mind everynight, i never reach to my friend nor family to help me i just hide it because this is the awful me keeping everything a mum ,this is really the disadvantage of people like us but i don't blame them for that, i would say that they're true fighter a very strong individual ,everything is in the past now, everytime i saw my post about depression i would mock myself for it and deleted all my post regarding to it a bad memory should be forgotten and start a new one with just a positive life and a good memories ,

I even laugh about it now cuz i beat it and between depression vs me i won the competition ,even tho the world is against you there's still a person who will support and love you no matter what it takes ,you may see yourself alone but you never see those people still standing by your side ,every human being has a reason to live everyone deserved to be love and happy ,we even smile to hide the sad and hurt self of us but every sad face there is one genuine smile plastered on us we just need a positive and cheering people to our life ...if i can do it you can also defeat your biggest enemy just find a true place were yo can find all the things you need ,becuz i find comfort to mamamoo and they help me to fight it ,better find your comrade to fight your biggest enemy
~Authornim ,thank you for writing such heavy and helpful story, the story was truly genuine and pure of love the message is really great ,and appreciate you adding your story to it that really make this more beautiful, I hope this is the stepping stone for mental health.
Chapter 1: hey there authornim.. thanks for this beautiful written chapter.. I admit I cried a bit because its just like what I've wanted to hear from those who I care... thanks for choosing this topic as your story, maybe it does lighten me a bit... and maybe with this chapter, it will be an eye opening for those who don't understand bout suicide thoughts... thanks once again, have a nice day