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It started from a prompt that I read: "We see each other at the library all the time but never really talk but you read really good books and your face is so cute when you concentrate and I think I have a crush on you. Also Seulgi accidentally got spiked with a love potion and had her falling twice harder for Irene."



Hello readers. This one-shot is my comeback from the writing hiatus I took lol (read the edit below!)

I know I have another fic to update, but because Seulgi had went blonde and I just cant get the image of Slytherin Seulgi out of my head (though I actually failed to emphasise much about it hidfjdk)

Hope you like this silly one-shot [ and there's also a bit of Wenjoy ;) ]

And also this fic is mostly Irene's pov.


Edit: I'm gonna make this into multi-shots and update chapts where different types of events/situations are going to happen. The main pairing remains of course :)

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