A Heart That Loves.

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Sehun a successful business man left his empire to go to Korea in search for a man (that he doesn't even know his real name) whom he had a one night stand with in New York a few years back.


In which sehun is a high school teacher and he met a student named Kim Jae'in that looks so much and reminds him of the man he's been searching for.


my first non– mpreg fic, am proud of myself. Lol, I never knew I would be able to write a story that has no mpreg in it.


Oh Sehun. 31 years old, a CEO who becomes a high school (English) teacher in hope to meet the man he fell in love with at first sight.

Kim Kai: 33 years, a successful medical doctor, a single father who has no one but his teenage son since the death of his wife, 10 years ago.

Kim Jae'in: 16 year old who's crushing on his English teacher.


This story is short and light, just 5 chapters, after twisted fate, I decided to write something lighter. This fic is almost all fluffy. for once, instead of all the angst I usually write. And I am really afraid this would turn out terribly because I'm not used to be lighthearted lol. I hope you'll enjoy it. 



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Finally done, I hope you enjoyed the story. Thanks for those who left comments and upvotes.
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